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  • Waves waves waves!

    Tell us where we should go surf!

    Lots of outdoor expedition folks on this forum- during your travels have you seen any coastline with waves that look like they should be surfed?!?

    With so many pilots and boaters in the State I thought I'd ask for some intel. We have so much coastline and so much potential- the challenging part is access. But that can be overcome if we know where the waves are!

    Super remote waves will never have a crowd problem or bad vibes- AK surfers like to share the stoke! Some road accessible and easy boat access hot spots do see some pressure but the remote areas never will.

    Discussing surf spots in a public forum has a long and sordid history. But I think remote Alaskan breaks that require a supercub or a multi-day boat trip should be safe.

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    Cannon Beach, Yakatat. Its a must for every world traveling surfer!


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      Surfed it. Loved it!

      I'm more interested in those undiscovered waves that are not established breaks. i.e. "I used to deliver fish to Chisik Island and when it's blowing east/northeast theres a creek mouth with lines like corduroy and they all peel right to left" !!!!!

      Ok, I'd settle for less precise intel, but I'm dreaming here. And I know it. But I had to ask :-)


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        The south end of Kodiak, looks promising, never been there.


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          Barrow in a storm. Onshore break is steep, but 100 to 200 yards offshore look sweet.


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            Interesting. Is it blown out or is the storm far enough away that its somewhat clean?


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              Hitchenbrook Island, Southeast side


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                Hook Point?


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