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  • surfing out of seward

    The closest place to Anchorage for surfing is bear glacier out of Seward. Its about a 15-20 mile boat ride from the port to get to bear glacier which is open to south swells. If anybody with a sea worthy boat that wants to surf an awesome break please chime in. I know of a few other surfers that are more than willing to pitch in for gas money etc... you can reach me at if you want to organize a trip.

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    next spring i should have my boat in seward for the a week or two in early may and would be down to do some trips to bear glacier. i post more info as the time line becomes more solid.


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      Just FYI...I have seen a few guys surfing the NE corner of the bay,accessible by road. It's not epic or anything, but a short, clean left over here by Fourth of July creek when the winds and tides are right.


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        The boat Milo is set up for surfing charters out of homer. she is currently in seward (i think) after having done a surf safari from here to there.
        boat has a hot tub and a support zodiac. you could probably find out more at
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          That would be awesome MUTT, just keep us posted. I have hear of that spot by fourth of July creek also, but like you said the conditions have to be perfect, so it breaks only once in a blue moon. The MV milo is a great boat but its getting pricey to take trips with them anymore.


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