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Sea Lion yanks fisherman out of boat

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  • Sea Lion yanks fisherman out of boat

    Egads...I've heard people say sea lions thought their kayak was a dock and tried to hop on.

    Could you imagine if the thing got territorial like...MY DOCK!

    This could be real in Seward or Whittier.

    Risk management help! lol.

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    the first draft of my note listed marine mammals as an issue...

    I've heard a similar story for PWS from a guide. except no-one was pulled in. and it was Halibut not salmon. and oh yea. it was a pod of Orca's not sea lions.

    A guide mentioned one day to me that the PWS Orca's have learned to follow charter boats and bite halibut off at the head when fishermen are pulling them up. Kind of a cool annoying in a 30 footer but potentially deadly in a kayak.

    but a 400lb+ sea lion could be just as interesting.

    I had a sea lion steal a fish off my hook at Ship creek once. but then I'm cursed when it comes to that creek.


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      And I thought watching out for gators was my only problem.


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        Here's a thread from a few years ago,, some great stories about Sea lion encounters..


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          I have seen a few sea lions fairly close up from the deck of a commercial boat I once fished on and was happy to be on a boat much bigger than the lion.

          That experience changed a few years back when kayaking in Ressurection bay. The rest of the party had slipped off shore and was paddling back to Seward, I was in my kayak just off shore waiting for a friend to get into his boat and catch up to me. Just as he got setteld and was begining his paddle toward me a HUGE sealion breached completely out of the water so close to me I could have poked it with my paddle. "Man that was SOOO COOL ! Your eyes where the size of dinner plates !" says my friend as he laughs. I was fortunate that I did not have to make it back to the beach and change my shorts. I felt very fortunate the lion did not land on top of me.

          I'll never forget that expeience!


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