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    I'm an avid kayak fisherman from Toronto, Ontario and have done a bit of sea kayaking fishing out in Newfoundland this summer. I'm currently driving up to Yukon and perhaps even Alaska. I would love to meet up with some of you to try and catch a Halibut from my Hobie Outback. I've got my dry suit and cold water gear with me as well as appropriate tackle for the job. , but this isn't something I'd want to partake in solo, and if someone can show me the ropes I'd love to drive out to meet ya!


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    Michael, I have some friends that fish for halibut from their drift boats. They drag their boats across the beach at Whiskey Gulch and row out from there. Whiskey Gulch is near Anchor Point, between Kenai and Homer on the Kenai Peninsula. I'll bet if you showed up there, some one would be able to let you know the deal for halibut fishing there. Good luck!
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      Welcome Michael!

      Is catching a halibut your sole goal? There are currently coho salmon available in kayak range. Small feeder king salmon are also a possibility though the fishing typically gets more dependable in September and October for Kayaks.

      When would be your estimated time of arrival (ETA) in Southcentral Alaska...maybe Anchorage area? Halibut fishing should be decent through September. Coho fishing should be good now through mid September. Kings should be good September through October.

      We could narrow the conversation down a bit if you could give us a time frame. But the only real "gear" outside of the norm you will need is something to land them with. If you plan on taking home some meat, then you will need a harpoon and buoy set up. If you plan on releasing them, a boga grip or maybe something similar is a good idea.

      Lower Cook Inlet (Ninilchik to Anchor Pt) are the only places where the current is an issue. I would launch from Whiskey Gulch. It keeps you out of the king conservation zone. At any rate, thanks to the complex regulations that change by season, give us an ETA and we can focus the conversation to exactly what is possible.

      Halibut fishing has been brutally slow but with some perseverance, they can be had. My 12 year old son a few weekends back hooking into a decent halibut while he was trying to catch greenling to use as halibut bait. lol. I have a few more videos on my channel on halibut fishing.


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        Thanks for the help and replies guys!

        Kardinal, I've seen some of your videos before - incredible stuff and definitely on my bucket list! I do need to be back in school (around Toronto, Ontario) by the Sept 5th... so that limits my time quite a bit and I might not be able to make it this summer after all. I'm currently heading for Inuvik along the Dempster Highway.

        If I do make it to the Anchorage area (and I really, really would love to make the drive out to Homer), it wouldn't be until the last week of August around 26/27 (roughly). Then I need to start heading back home, it's going to be a long way!

        At this point it doesn't seem like I'll have time, but I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for offering to help!


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          I see that you are enjoying fishing very much. So You can make a album all fish you catch


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            I'm in town the last week of August, I'll take you out to Whiskey if you make it down to the Homer area.

            Send me a message with your details and I'll share my phone number. Otherwise, everything you need to know is in Kardinal's videos, he basically taught the rest of us how to fish. "Alaska kayak fishers" group on Facebook is pretty popular as well.


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