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June 18th - 4th Annual NWKA Yak Classic

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  • June 18th - 4th Annual NWKA Yak Classic

    An informal get together of a group of kayakers I fish with. But we always welcome folks who just want to try it out. Location is Whiskey Gulch (5 miles North of Anchor Pt. Target fish is halibut. Entry is free. Should be 20 or more kayaks. It's an informal event, and in the past, it has proven useful to relative new comers who want to get out and fish the challenging Cook Inlet when a few extra folks will also be on the water.

    Date: Saturday, June 18th (Weather make up day sill be Sunday)
    Time: Tentatively sunrise to 5pm.
    Prizes: Whatever we scrape up. In the past the first place prize was an avet sx reel. I will buy a small trophy but in the past we have had decent rods and reels and such.
    Fee: FREE
    Fish: Halibut. Winner determined by length.

    I know of places the rent kayaks.

    PM me if you are interested! We've had a blast the past few years!

    Here's a video with a slideshow and a few fish being caught including the winner.

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    We have 24 participants signed up already! It's free!


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      I'm interested, I've seen these posts over the last few years but always had to work. Sounds like fun. Would need to rent kayak or try somebody's out. Let me know the details on what I would need.

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        There are two places in Anchorage that I know of that rent kayaks (see below). At minimum, you'll need a sit-on-top kayak, paddle, PFD and immersion gear (to keep you alive if you end up in the water for a prolonged period). A sit-in kayak isn't an absolute no-no, but a sit-on-top is much safer and almost universally preferred for kayak fishing. For immersion gear, a dry suit or angler suit (a dry suit with a less-waterproof and more-comfortable neck gasket) is best. Under the suit, you'd want to wear wool or synthetic layers suitable for the water temperature. This time of year a thin base layer and fleece top and bottom will have you covered.

        Normally I'd advise a new or first-time kayak angler to stay well away from Whiskey Gulch, but there will be plenty of experienced people out there for a newbie to pair up with before setting out.

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          Hey hey LowSky! We have over 30 kayak anglers signed up! It should be a blast! With that many folks, the competition will be awesome and I hope the quality of fish is too!


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            Ok. over 30 entries. Completely free. Very informal.

            Prizes that I have rounded up include (Donors)

            1) Traditional acrylic trophy (Kardinal_84)

            2) Shimano Trevala 6' Heavy Power, Medium Fast Action. 65 to 200lbs Braid, 160-270 gram (5.6oz to 9.5oz) jig weight (Kardinal_84 & B& J Sporting goods)

            3) Vibe Element Series 45qt (Alaska Outdoor Gear Rental)

            4) Immersion Strobe donated by Mark C (saltykayAK)

            For anyone who has a kayak and the safety gear, its a great time to hit the water with a lot of folks who have experience fishing here. All are welcome. PM me if interested and we will get ya signed up!


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