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    I'm looking for 2 light weight, medium duty, sea kayaks that I can use in fair weather to paddle around protected bays in PWS. I need it light weight because I will be stowing it on the roof of my 24' ocean boat. And medium duty because I won't be crashing into river rocks and stuff. It needs to be no longer than 10'. And NOT a sit on top kayak. I'm just looking for a good direction to start looking or types to stay away from.

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    Costco, $330+/-. Should be in stock right now. Yellow, 8'6'' I think.....
    Love ours.

    Wally world has a bunch down here right now from $300 to $600 or so. Seem to be popular, I have see them on ocean boats recently.
    I think the vid Stanly posted for our shrimp adventure has both types being used in it.
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      Those short kayaks are hard to paddle in a straight line. Stick with something about 12' imo.
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        Eddyline Sky 10 is around $ 1000 and 32 pounds.
        Eddyline Sandiper 12 cost a little more and weighs 38 pounds.
        Perception Protegy 12 is a wider and cheaper at around $ 600.
        Plenty of other good boats out there.

        You can go lighter longer and faster for two or three times the money.
        Anything heavier will be hard to solo overhead lift. Builders like to talk so
        you can ask away. Same with sales people. I prefer Innova Helix inflatables
        at 28 pounds and 10 feet or light wood composite/Kevlar boats
        even lighter. Light or fast does cost.


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          Thanks guys! That's the info I was looking for. Those inflateables look very interesting


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