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Giant Grouper from Kayak

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  • Giant Grouper from Kayak

    I'd bet a lot of you kayak fishers have seen this. I ache all over just from watching.

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    That is a pretty amazing video. The dirty little secret that the kayak anglers don't often mention is that it is MUCH easier to land a big fish off a kayak than it is a powerboat.

    I'm willing to wager (but there is no way of really proving it) that if a power boat (especially one at anchor) and a kayak hooked up to a 200 pound identical fighting halibut, that I could get the halibut from my kayak onto the harpoon twice as fast as the powerboat can. the natural drag and give of the kayak seems to tire the fish much faster than when you are just fighting the halibut or big fish using solely the flex of the rod and the drag of the reel because even a big halibut has a difficult time pulling a big powerboat around. Even if it isn't tired, the kayak moves with the fish and I think halibut are more tricked into not fighting as hard when they feel less pressure against them. I've noticed that fishing ultralights for salmon. The more pressure that is applied, the harder the fish seem to fight back.

    This is even more true when we hit halibut trolling off of kayaks Half of the time, you have no idea if it is a 10 pounder or 50 pounder until it makes the first strong run for the bottom which often doesn't happen until the halibut it right up next to the kayak....many times with the harpoon head already in it if you are ready as soon as it is close.


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