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75 pound son catches a 60 pound halibut off his kayak!

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  • 75 pound son catches a 60 pound halibut off his kayak!

    Took my son fishing over labor day weekend in Cook Inlet. Where is everybody?!?!?! 3 cars in the parking lot, two of which were from our group. I've often heard that if you are hammering fish, and you are all alone, you are probably doing something illegal. lol. I don't think I was....

    Launched a few hours before low slack. The fog was THICK! Could not tell up or down for a while there. A few tense moments as my GPS didn't seem to want to make up its mind and I am sure we peddled around in circles for a bit.

    Managed a limit of halibut. Once the strikes began an hour before slack, we managed four fish in under an hour. I'd guess 12, 25, 30, and 60. The big fish taped at 50 inches exactly making it 60.3 pounds on the weight length chart.

    Trolled on the way back in and went 1 for 3 on cohos. 2 of the 3 cohos were caught within 50 yards of the shoreline. So there are still cohos pushing up the inlet.

    Saw a massive humpback whale 50 yards away from us. as the wakes were reaching us, another smaller humpback surface only 25 yards away! Way too cool if not super freaky in the thick pea soup like fog we were in.

    Here's the video. I was more exited than he was!!! :

    His meat blanket....

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    Good times!!! Thanks for sharing.


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      How deep? Did you sweeten that hootchie with bait? Where do you keep them before returning to the beach?


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        Originally posted by ulflyfish View Post
        How deep? Did you sweeten that hootchie with bait? Where do you keep them before returning to the beach?
        It was super foggy out so we didn't go out very far. We were in-between Anchor Point and Whiskey Gulch in about 45 to 50 ft of water at low tide. That's part of the reason its possible for my kids to catch these fish is there isn't much cranking to do to get the halibut to the kayak. The real fun begins once you hit them with the harpoon. The folks at the end of the video ventured out further into 80ft of water and found a few halibut as well.

        We "troll" slowly for halibut. We typically try and go cross current or against the current to better disperse the scent field. I know anchoring is the way to go, but that's just too much gear and frankly a lot scarier in my opinion. We do use the horse herring. Lately I am torn between using hoochies and not using hoochies. The hoochies seem to produce bigger fish and they give you a second chance when they rip the bait up but don't get hooked. But I think hook ups increase without the hoochies. We have been getting short strikes lately so I use a 12/0 big river gamakatsu with a Gamakatsu 4x strong 4/0 treble crimped a bait length behind 200lbs mono leader. Because we are moving, it seems like we don't get too many fish that are deeply hooked.

        I have had a 105 pound halibut in the back of my kayak. That did cause some issues when you add me at 180 pounds as it sank the rudder line and the holes below the water line allowing water to trickle in. Not a problem with my 75 pound son. But here is a screen shot of the 60, 25, and 10 pond halibut in the back of my son's Hobie Outback which is rated for 400 pounds and is 12'6" in length. We typically tow the halibut around until it is completely dead after we bleed them. Anything over 35 pounds or so gets the harpoon. Anything smaller we can typically se the boca grip as long as they are hooked solidly.


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          Have you tried Berkley Power baits? I have been having good luck with them, especially on a Kodiak Custom bottom jig. The pinkish color ones particularly. Did you launch at Whiskey or drive the beach further south?


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            I like power bait. Have not tried them in halibut or king application. I was eyeing up the "cut bait" to add strips. I know others on the forums are quite successful with spoons for halibut which I may try with scent.

            We just launch from WG. Anchor Point is better in a sense but the super shallow waters make it a much more difficult and dangerous launch when there is higher surf.

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