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  • Sit on Top Kayaks - The Ultimate Fishing Platform...opinion only....

    Was looking through bits and pieces of my materials I had started during lunch and thought what good is it if I take the time but don't share the info. Well, could be that I am not a very good writer but obviously pretty passionate about the whole "fishing" thing.

    Lately I got asked by several folks why I fish out of a kayak. So I thought I'd quickly jot down the reasons and share.

    Everyone I am sure has their own opinions and this is only my personal opinion. Any constructive criticism welcome!!!

    PDF file....

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    Don't have a chance to read it right now, but I'll chip in anyway....

    After watching you guys this summer, I gotta say anyone without one in their "fleet" is missing a bet. No, it's not the one boat that will do everything. But it sure lets you do lots more when the other boats don't work. The example I saw was the way you guys could launch just about anywhere and access sheltered waters when everything around you was a gale. Couldn't have reached those same waters in my 20' skiff if I wanted, simply because of all the nastiness between the only place I could launch and the sheltered water you slipped right into. Well done! Lots more reasons to own one, but that's a heck of a good start. It's not like you'd have to go to the bank and take out a loan to add one to your household.
    "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
    Merle Haggard


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      I love my Old Town Vapor Angler! Thinking about Homer this winter, did a little there this summer. I believe the proper boat for the type of water is important, I also think knowing your boat is good also. I've had mine in some serious wind on Kenai lake, way to far out, and it performed awesome! Been on the Kenai river, terrible boat for the kenai, but I did it. Twenty-Mile River not great. Homer, no problem.

      I've actually considered my "Black Cat" heater in the bow, but discovered it's not necessary, boat cock pit blocks the wind really well and clothing makes the difference. Thought about it for local lakes, but the lake freezes before it would be cold enough to want to use it. To busy on the ocean to mess with something like a heat source like that, might make the news! Just an idea anyway.


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