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Anchor Point 5/29/11 - same post as saltwater section

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  • Anchor Point 5/29/11 - same post as saltwater section

    Anchor Point Saltwater May 29, 2011


    Early start at 6am since winds were supposed to pick up in the afternoon. During the low morning slack the bite was on fairly solidly for everything but Kings. Pulled up 6 halibut. Too bad they were all small. Kept one for an eater, maybe 10 or 12 pounds. Gotta keep the other one open just in case the big one strikes.

    Saw a dozen boats or more fishing near me. I only saw one boat hook a fish and even then they released it at the boat before I could see how big it was. No one I spoke to had a king, but everybody limited out on halibut.

    My morning GPS track says I traveled about 5.5 miles. Yeah some of it was drifitng, but most of it was paddling against a current!

    Afternoon high slack was pretty dead. Waves built to 3 ft or more and it was a rodeo for a while on the Yak. Not unsafe until you got broadside unhooking an Irish Lord.

    Had a blast, nothing notable but just banking the hours until I hammer the big one!!

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    Some People Arwe Having Too Much Fun

    Good for you Rudy,
    I'm on the slope til June 10th then will be home for 3 weeks til July 1st.Let get together and try for some of them Kenai Kings.Either in our yaks or we can take my drift-boat.I'll give you a call when I get home.Keep them videos coming.They inspire a lot of us to do more of the "important stuff" :topjob:


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      Good job! How big do the Irish Lords typically get?


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        Sweet! nice video, to bad you weren't able to connect with a bigger one!


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          Originally posted by dudemandude View Post
          Sweet! nice video, to bad you weren't able to connect with a bigger one!
          That's ok. It's gonna happen. I just need to put in the time. One bad thing about my goal of a big butt is I have tasted the lucky success of catching Kings. I know in three calm days I can catch a 35+ halibut and probably a 50 pounder...if I focus solely on the big butt. I have no issues soaking a BIG bait for several days waiting for that one big strike. I have been contemplating using trout hooks and power bait to try and catch a greenling or a tiny flounder or cod for live bait purposes. But my problem is I know if I use troll herring I have a legitimate shot at both. My meat hunting instincts kicking in.

          Next time, my plan is the following. I am going to rig up one rod with my home crafted "Big 'Butt" jig. Use that when targeting halibut. I will then rig my lighter rod for troll herring and every time I am relocating or moving, i will use that. It's just a matter of time....

          Mark, you betcha. let me know when you are back in town. We will definitely hook up!

          I'd guesstimate the average Irish lord I catch there to be about 3 pounds. You can catch them over 10 pounds though.


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            Tooooooooo Funny

            Ouch---oh my leg
            Ouch---oh my leg
            Ouch---oh my leg

            I just re-watched your video and am smiling big.Can't help but enjoy the catch.
            Yea ,a gun and a butt on your kayak would not be a good idea.


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