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May 11 Planning Whiskey Gulch...I think.

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  • May 11 Planning Whiskey Gulch...I think.

    So always good to have company in the inlet. So I thought I'd "think out loud" again to plan my next trip. Any and all are welcome but please have suitable outerwear and safe equipment (says a guy with a 9' kayak). It's really every man for least plan that way.

    So 4 or 5 days out which means the forecasts are generally worthless but the trend is something to follow.

    South 10mph, Seas 2ft for Sat. 40% chance of rain.

    South wind, incoming tide means I have no choice but to drift north in my barge.

    So for a change of scenery I think I am contemplating launching further south this time. Looking at the map, Whiskey Gulch should allow for several miles of drifting North. There's roughly 4.5 miles of open water between the Anchor and Stariski closed areas. With the beach access pretty much in the middle.

    High tide is at 9:43 am. Perfect. Try and hit the early morning calm and see if I can't catch something before the wind picks up. Probably means a 7am or 8am start, especially if I am going solo. Drift slack the south wind should hold us for a while and then I think as the tide some coming down, with a drift anchor I think we can drift/paddle back down south to the vehicle by noon.

    Some rationale for heading south...
    a) Did not see much bait and every fish landed for me (6 or 7 sculpins and one king) last week had sandlances in them. Not herring or hooligan. My dropping sabiki through the clouds of bait and coming up empty I think is a indicator the bait I was seeing on the sonar was sandlances.

    b) I think the herring spawn in the area on the kelp beds so if they are around, a food source should be more concentrated down south.

    c) Check out another access point.

    I am not married to this plan at all. Open to any and all suggestions!

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    Oops. MAY 14TH!!!!! SATURDAY!
    High tide is at 1:26pm. That means a launch time of noon or so. Could be windy but you gotta try it. If others are interested and we have two vehicles, I'd try the early morning trolling for kings again as long as we could positions our cars correctly.

    Sorry about the mistake.


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      Count Me In Kard

      :topjob: I'm a go depending on work scheduale.So far it looks like a go.My preference would be to get out early before the wind kicks up also.I have a 2010 F-250 for transporting rigs so that part is covered (at least one end of it).
      My Ultimates (Got a new one today for the wife) can pack a net for those kings--you supply the harpoon for the butts........:think:


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        Sounds good Mark. As long as the weather is no worse than last week I am in! How are the lakes in the area looking? If I get everything in time...and even if I don't since I do have thee drop down lights, i thought I might give a lake a try. I think the nighttime thing will work better once it warms up but why not if I have the time. Simple to see if my system works would be Johnson lake.

        As a side adventure, I wouldn't mind trying the Kenai but I would probably alternate between a king outfit and my 4wt flyrod or my superultralight spinning outfit with some smolt patterns for dollies and rainbows too.

        I also know this sounds silly but I need to catch a giant starry flounder as well. I think the place for that is at the mouth of the Kenai River. There is a flounder category in the NWKA tournament. I am hoping to garner extra point by fishing super deep (1500ft or more) and landing a large arrowtooth flounder for the flounder category and a shortraker rockfish for the rockfish category. But that is just as CRAZY as any other idea. I plan to get ferried out to knight Island this summer and camp out for a few days with my yak. But I thought it'd be best to get a few points on the board. We dipnet large flounder all the time so I am hoping they might hit bait even if the water is murky. they hang out there so they must know how to feed in zero visibility.

        lets hope the weather holds. Looks to be on the tail end of some high winds so if it stabilizes, it could be good! WHOA! Just checked the forecast! Let the forecasters be right!!! If they are I may just take friday off!!!!!!!!!!!


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          I hope the forecasters earn their salary and are actually correct! But its better than starting out with a 6ft seas forecast!

          400 PM AKDT TUE MAY 10 2011

          .TONIGHT...NW WIND 25 KT. SEAS 4 FT.
          .WED...N WIND 20 KT. SEAS 3 FT.
          .WED NIGHT AND THU...N WIND 15 KT. SEAS 2 FT.
          .THU NIGHT...W WIND 10 KT. SEAS 1 FOOT.
          .FRI AND SAT...S WIND 10 KT. SEAS 1 FOOT.
          .SUN...SE WIND 10 KT. SEAS 1 FOOT.


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            I'm Takng the Wife To Sport Lake Wednesday

            :think:Gotta break in her new boat tommorrow at Sport Lake.She's not too keen on salt water in her kayak.It might be available for use if someone is interested.Will post pics Wednesday nite if/when we pop a few trout.It will be fun and I try to up her confidence level whever I can--even f she does usually outfish me.I'm gonna try to get her to take her fly pole instead of a spinning outfit.Get a little practice in before the sockeye start running.
            And Rudy---I'm always up for the Kenai--any time bud.....roud:Not too sure about a 4 wt,but whatever turns your crank...........:confused:


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