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Deep Creek May 7: No 'butts but perseverance pays off!

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  • Deep Creek May 7: No 'butts but perseverance pays off!

    Deep Creek Saltwater King
    May 7, 2011

    VIDEO for the day.

    Met AKS2000 and COD on the beach. The surf was high by my standards. Swells were 3ft with south 15mph winds. Surf launch looks doable so off we go.

    Lesson number one: If you rig up before you launch, strap down the weights or rig up after launch. I broke my rod tip when my 4oz weight whacked my rod tip as I was launching. Good thing I always carry a spare!

    With the south wind and incoming tide, it was all I could do to keep my position paddling. AKS2000 in a Prowler 15ft and COD was in a longer sit inside kayak could make headway with some effort. I was amazed at how slow my kayak was. I knew it was slower but its more than an inconvenience thing. I realized how much safety margin I also was giving up. Dang, I guess I need to buy a new kayak for safety reasons!

    We troll/power mooch for kings a while with no luck. We see one power boat hook up to a king and another boat managed to hook a seagull. I am still amazed at how few boats are in the area. I was expecting a hundred boats, I saw maybe 20 trailers max. Maybe 4 campers in the Deep Creek campground.

    COD takes off after the first salmon attempt. But he saved the day by running AKS2000's truck down the beach so we could drift towards it versus trying to paddle back or walk back a couple of miles. THANKS COD!!! If it wasn't for you I would have never caught that king. Of course if it wasn't for AKS2000 tolerating me as a wingman, I wouldn't have caught one either. So thanks to the both of ya!!!!

    SO AKS2000 and I paddle out to about 25 to 30 ft of water which is over a half mile off shore. Between the two of us, we landed probably a dozen Irish Lords. No halibut, no cod, no sharks, no rays. I think that has to be a first for me fishing this area. AKS2000 also said he didn't see any bait balls on his sonar. I saw enough to prep a sabiki rig last week. hmmm.....

    Lesson #2: Secure your battery so the rocking doesn't disconnect it. It was the roughest water I have fished out of and once it unplugged, I wasn't about to open my center hatch so I was without sonar for pretty much the whole trip.

    About 9pm I realize we had stopped drifting toward the truck which is still a mile away. So I tell AKS2000 that maybe we should begin paddling. What I meant to say was I should begin paddling. He had no problems making headway. I lumbered toward the truck but at 1/5 the speed. Maybe that was good as I had a whole purple size herring (large) that I was using for halibut but had it rigged so it would roll so I just trolled it back in. I was thinking about just reeling in my line since I was having such a hard time paddling. But moments later! Whammo! Are you kidding me? It's not the bottom I don't think. Nope! It's a fish!!!!!

    The kayak was stable and AKS2000 makes the perfect net job despite my net being way to small. The only time I just about flipped the kayak was when I took the fish out of the net and it slid off my lap into the foot wells. I guess 27 pounds of weight shifting the edge is NOT good. Felt like I came within inches of rolling the yak.

    So no halibut but I did get one of those pesky secondary species! NO COMPLAINTS!

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    an awesome video! can't wait till you get the big halibut and see what the gameplan is. Thanks Rudy


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      Very cool. I'm looking forward to you catching a 40lb halibut now. :topjob:


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        Really nice job, Kard. Congrats! Enjoyed the video. Looks like the water laid down a bit after i left. Did u guys have to walk to the truck? I was a bit worried u weren't making enough time back down the beach?
        Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:
        WWG1WGA! QANON


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          Way too Cool Rudy,

          By golly,that was worth the wait.
          You guys did an awesome job with that king.Very entertaining,funny,and now I am way jealous.:think: Looks like you had to wait til pretty late for the water to lay down.It was a lot more "exciting " when I was out last Wednesday (at least the water--not the fishing).When are you gonna go again ? I want some of that action too.
          Too bad about busting a rod and your battery disconecting.Always good to have a back-up.Plus it is great to have a support team working with you.A fine job boys. :topjob:
          So,when you get that 50 lbs halibutt are you gonna shoot it before you bring it aboard or just tow it behind so you don't rock your boat.And are salmon sharks the next target ? That could get real "interesting" in a big hurry.
          I'm just messing with ya Rudy.Great video,good time,and I loved the expression on your face when you realised "That's a Fish" Super job bud......


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            Cod, Thanks again for your help and local knowledge. I walked about 100 yards. too much liquid intake. lol. AKS2000 in his 15ft Prowler had no problems. But we did stop drifting about 30 minutes after you left. Worked out perfectly though this time!

            Mark. Nope, no firearms. I'd shoot myself. Harpoon it. Then let it tow the buoy around. Once I can control it, cut the gills and let it bleed out. I just about tipped my kayak taking that king out of the net when it shifted all the sudden in the my leg wells. that was the scariest moment of the day for me.

            Next time the weather is good., I'll be there!!!


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              Just out of curiosity way type of sit in do you have COD?


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                I had a great time fishing with Kardinal_84 and Cod. I normally Yak-fish alone, but having you guys with specific knowledge on that particular body of water and on a Yak nearby was very reassuring.

                Kardinal_84, it was great meeting you in person and congrats on your first kayak King. I had a great time just watching you fight that fish.

                Cod, it was great meeting you also and thank you for the local info and the ride. I have a photo of you on your kayak that I like to send to you. I don't have enough posts to send or receive PM's yet so I send it to you when I do.

                My take-away points:
                1. Paddling against wind and current is doable. Forward progress can be made against 2.5 mph current + 10-15 mph headwind.
                2. The slope of the bottom along the beach was surprisingly low. The depth of water was only 30 ft @ 1/4 miles from the beach.
                3. It is safe to land kayak anywhere along the beach and walk to your vehicle if necessary. Be careful of breaking waves along the surf zone.
                4. It is better to go when the tides are not super high. High tide water mark comes very close to the cliffs. Parking next to the unstable dirt cliffs can be hazardous to your vehicle.
                5. It is doable by yourself. It is SO much better when you have a fishing buddy.


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                  That is the BOMB..
                  what a great adventure..
                  great story and great bunch of Guys..
                  what an inspiration..
                  When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

                  Rentals for Canoes, Kayaks, Rafts, boats serving the Kenai canoe trail system and the Kenai river for over 15 years.


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                    Sit inside Current Design- 'Pisces'...

                    Originally posted by Sierra Dragon View Post

                    Just out of curiosity way type of sit in do you have COD?
                    Bought this used (like new) Current Designs "Pisces" back in 1990 for 1100 bucks. It is great for day trips or overnighters, ocean going, pretty good balance, fiberglass, stout, about 40 lbs if i recall. I used to use it on lakes mostly. Rigged it for fishing w rod holder and fish finder. Compared to the "prowler" that J used off dp crk.....for tru fishin....the prowler looks awesome! I would pick the prowler over Kards 'battleship'. (No disrespect, Kard.. I just want to be able to move thru the water) Then again, who got the fish. I would not have gone out in the conditions we had for the simple reason- I can pick my days, why pick the rough ones. To be able to throw your legs out and not feel so 'confined' by the 'sit inside' kayak looks nice. Any kind of rough water I dont dare turn around in mine. To just go paddling, mine is great. Also good for lite duty fishing in fair seas. If u want a real fishing rig, I'd definitely go w something like the "prowler". As little as I use mine I'm thinking of selling it. Am trying to post pic.
                    Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:
                    WWG1WGA! QANON


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                      Current Designs "Pisces" sit inside kayak

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Pisces and Puma.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	92.9 KB
ID:	2479530

                      Current Designs -Pisces on truck ........with Aire "Puma" in the backgrd.
                      Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:
                      WWG1WGA! QANON


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                        Kard launches his 'Battleship"...

                        Kard employs the 'walk out' launch....
                        Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:
                        WWG1WGA! QANON


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                          Launching of the "Prowler:"

                          AKS and his "prowler" launches......
                          Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:
                          WWG1WGA! QANON


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                            Once launched....

                            Smooooth sailing for Kard and the "Battleship" and AKS and his "Prowler".
                            Your sarcasm is way, waaaayyyyyyyy more sarcastic than mine! :whistle:
                            WWG1WGA! QANON


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                              I was just curious. I'm looking to buy a kayak but for a variety of reasons it will probably be next year not this summer.

                              I would have thought a sea kayak would have handled the surf better than a SOT but then I'm not real experieced on saltwater. I'm looking for something more in the middle... small enough to maneuver on creeks and narrow enough I can roll it in emergencies, but large enough and stable enough to manage calm days on the ocean. The Dagger Axis seems to fit all my criteria and is the current front runner. but I'm open to suggestions


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