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Warm Rafting In Paradise

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  • Warm Rafting In Paradise

    Winter in Alaska sucks, rafting somewhere warm does not.

    On 2/12/10 forum member Mark Oathout posted a thread about his sensational trip to Costa Rica that included several days of beautiful clear water rafting on a few different rivers. While I have rafted all over Alaska, his remarkable trip got me thinking that I need to plan for a winter 2012 trip to Costa Rica or to ?????????????

    Have any forum members explored any other tropical locations for rafting during our long, dark, and cold winters?
    Anybody been to Belize? Any rafting in crentral/southern Mexico? Anybody else been to Rosta Rica? Any recommended references to read to start planning a tropical rafting trip?
    (...don't give a care about the budget.)

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    Bragging rights

    Warm weather dreams, without a doubt, are the Futaleufu in Chili, and Batoka gorge on the middle Zambezi. Two years from now we are going to New Zealand, they do some big waterfalls in rafts, and have a multitude of great looking Class III-IV runs, from the info I have searched.
    My daughter's teacher has kayaked some, spectacular, Rivers in southern Mexico.
    At any rate ... it helps the attitude in January.


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      I recently returned from a rafting trip in Ecuador. Their are a few outfits that work out of the town of Tena in the lowlands
      of the Amazon. All are good from what I hear. I used a company called Rios Ecuador that I would highly recommend.

      Couple pics....and the water is warm.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	1224599057_UnKsm-L.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

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        I just got back from New Zealand and was able to run a river w/ my new Alpacka and used it for a few crossing on the Able Tasman track. It was about 70 degrees the whole time and very little rain in the 2 1/2 months there. I was along the coast the whole time though and inland they get rain almost daily.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	Able Tasman Hike (28).jpg
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ID:	2479250 Taking a short cut on Able Tazman Click image for larger version

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