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    I am looking to put a set of more useable oars on my Zodiac GRIII. The current oars aren't good for much. It has the original oar mounts and oars right now. I purchased a set of oar mounts that are through pin type from one of the dealers here in town. I would prefer to use these if possible.

    I do not have a frame for the boat right now but will probably go to one in the future if I keep this boat.

    The boat is 15'-5" long.

    I don't want to spend 2 arms and half a torso on the oars, but I want something that I could work my way to shore with should my motor quit me or something that I could float the upper kenai with etc.

    What lenght and type of oar should I use. Are the fiberglass oars okay to through pin or will they be weak if I drill them? Should I scrap the through pin idea all together? I don't like the idea of oarlocks too much as they stick up higher than what I would prefer.

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    I would definitely NOT drill a hole in any oar you don't want to snap in half. The best option is still oarlocks or a pin & clip setup Like the ones shown on this page: That same page has information on selecting the right oar length. Any oar worth having for a 15.5' boat will not be cheap.


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      I had an NRS frame on mine and it worked great with whitewater type oar locks. I also mounted rodholers and seats on the frame. The frame is one of the best upgrades I've seen on a zodiac type boat..


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