Any Recommendations For a Raft Trip?



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  • Any Recommendations For a Raft Trip?

    Have a sister and brother-in-law comming up August 11 for a week or so and they want to do a one-night or maybe even two night rafting trip. Looking for someone to provide full package less personals. We will be based out of Anchorage, but willing to travel a bit for a trip. Brother-in-law wants to fly-fish while on the trip. Sister wants to not get eaten by bugs and wear her finger out on the cammera button. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks In Advanced.roud:

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    It sounds like the Kenai river might fit their needs perfectly for 2 days of fishing and photography. I don't have a specific reccomendation for an outfitter, but do a search for Kenai rafting. They could float two days on the upper Kenai and stay at a lodge, B&B, etc. Or what might be even better, float the middle Kenai on the second day. The upper and middle Kenai floats would cover a whole lot of river and provide some outstanding fishing and photography. The outfitter could arrange camping at the outlet of the upper into Skilak lake and then provide transportation across the lake early the next morning to begin the middle Kenai float. Or, skip the camping and stay in the comfort of a lodge for the night in beteween the two days on the river.

    Their are many more options if they had more than 2 days.


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      If you would not mind - so others and myself can provide better content for this thread... please relate some more specifics on what you mean by providing a full package less personals.

      I'm guessing this is a DIY kind of overnight or couple night venture?

      Are you needing a fully-outfitted, (unguided) sort of float that includes comprehensive raft package for party of 2-3?

      Are you wanting to include high-end camping gear as part of the outfitting, or do you already have and are bringing this stuff along?

      Are you seeking crowds of people on a popular road system staying in organized camping grounds with an RV as part of the package... or is this a semi-remote to real wilderness experience tenting out?

      August is an awesome time for floating, flyfishing, and photography. Good additions would also be to let us know if you've rafted before, floated in Alaska, with general comforts and skill levels.



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        Brian who has posted has many options and asked some very good quesiton you should consider the time to expand your needs I am sure he will be able to assist.
        Birdstrike has mention the Kenai does offer those options as well. A good place to always start asking anything about the Kenai is Trout Fitters.

        If your looking for a trip with both without people there are some options as well over by Glennallen Mike and Jen run a first rate business and the traffic is a little less then anything road side. You would be able to combo out a couple of different rivers with a couple of different options.


        Richard "Moose" Mousseau


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          With you MOOSE!!! Mike and Jen are the Best!!!
          Goo Vogt


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            Kenai is a pretty busy river in the summer, don't know if this is what you are looking for. Floating Talchulitina from the middle river down to the Skwentna would be a nice trip that I would highly recommend. Depending on water levels they can drop you in the middle section not Judd lake. Sportsmans air out of Lake Hood can hook you up with all of what you are looking for. Joe Shuster is who you want to talk to about this and other rivers in the area that would fill the bill.



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              I would go down to Sterling and rent a cabin from Max (Alaskacanoe here on forum). He owns Alaska Canoe and Campground (see his website). He also rents rafts, trailers, and provides shuttle services. You could float the Upper Kenai two or three days in a row, staying in his cabins by night, and letting him shuttle you to/from the river. Sounds like an awesome time to me and it couldn't be any easier.


              Max's website....

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                Thank you, Thank you. This is all helpful information and please keep in comming. Brian, you make a great point, I should have added some detail to help the question. To Start, We will be a party of four, and experince level ranges. This is not a DIY adventure as none of us have ran Alaskan Waters. We all have completed a couple of 3 night DIY canoe trips down the John Day in Oregon and encountered only Class II waters and ended up swiming a couple of times.

                As for the package we are looking for, two of us would have overnight camping equipment, and the other two would have to have it provided. And although the Kenai is beutiful and would be lots of fun, I would have to agree that it is a bit more busy than what we are looking for. The comfort of a lodge will not be a concern. Our guest will be spoiled through out the rest of there visit with fishing charters and lodges, so we are looking for a bit of a rough-it time. No RV, no designated campground, and although I am some believe me to be a bit overweight....ha... we are all healthy and don't mind a bit of hard work. Not sure we are upto Class V waters, but a short IV and several III's would be fun. (No Swimming) The idea of throwing a fly for a freshwater fish or even a salmon in the mornings, lunch break, and even in the evenings is great, but is not the primary goal of the trip.

                A two night adventure will be plenty of adventure for our guest. As most of you locals know, our guest will be in shock & awe for some time with the local wildlife and scenery. This will be their first trip to Alaska and the first trip away from their 3 little kids.

                Thanks again!



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                  Sounds like a two Night Three Day on the Upper Gulkana in August between you me and the fence post. August traffic is much less than June early July. 2nd run of Reds will be in the system and the Bow and Grayling fishing is outstanding if in fact you are being guided. Yes it is better as a three or four night however if getting away, having fishing available and being somewhat remote are your primary goals the Gulkana is a nice mix of nothing much eventful most of the time wildlife such as Otter, Beaver, Muskrat, Bear, Moose and sometimes Caribou in August is a somewhat safe bet. Little Class II, some Class III and a nice starter trip with establish camp sites along the way.

                  For a two day trip with Camping gear provided normally by the host might be a wonderful option. I don't know if pick and choose trips are available from other companies these days but again if this seems like something you are looking for contact Alaska River Wrangellers. They also offer trips down the Copper as well as Klutina, Tonsina and other remote locations in the area.


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                    The only problem with the Gulkana is that it takes two days of travel to do it from Anchorage. When I am under a time crunch I like the lake hood options because your fishing in an hour if you want while you set up the rafts.


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                      Matt that is a valid point and the Gulkana would be a 4 hour drive to your that destination an from. I have to remember not eveyone wishes to float a 16 hour day :-) Very valid point. Being that there are decent deals across the inlet it may be a wash depending on your choice of trips from an expense option.


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                        Bluemoose, Gulkana sounds very interesting. I will definatly be checking out River Wrangeller services. Thanks You. Looks like a 3.5 hour dive from Anchorage to Gulkana on the map. Is the "Upper" portion of the river much more of a drive from there. Sorry just a bit confused when Matt says two days travel from Anchorage.



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                          Sorry Matt, what do yo mean by lake hood options? Lake Hood here in Anchorage?



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                            Sorry I shorten things too much sometimes and lose people. The Gulkana in a nut shell from Anchorage: Drive two vehicles to paxon lake 4 hour min....Drop your gear at the boat launch.. leave two people to start setting up the boat or boats....Two people take a cars to sourdough campground takeout 1 hour drive min to run vehicles. Everyone back at paxon now with the boat(s) and one car at paxon and one at sourdough. Row across paxon lake (1-2 hours depending on wind) Float a min of 12 hour days to get back to sourdough. You can pay the guide service to shuttle your cars and shorten up the logistics a bit but two days will pretty much be dedicated to geting and going. Sounds like you would rather be fishing than driving to me is my only point.

                            This is an awesome float I usually do it each year with the family and it is an all time favorite. I have probably floated it about 15 times in my life, everytime I am pretty tired after the trip. It just can be a real bear sometimes with all the driving, road construction shuttling ect. I have really started to enjoy the fly out raft options because I spend more time on the water and less time driving.

                            Lake hood being the float plane airport is an easy drive get on a plane with your gear and fly to the rivers. That is what I mean by lake hood take a float plane to your destination sorry to confuse you


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                              Wow, great information Matt. I see now what you mean, and comming from someone who has done that trip so many times, I'm sure you know what it takes. I will put more thought into it for sure. Thanks again.



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