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    Does anyone have any information or experience on the Sulatna River? Some questions include: Can it be motored up in an 18' Cataraft, if so how far, and floated back to the Nowitna? Are there any good places to get air dropped a decent distance up river, then float down? In a smaller raft, obviouly depending on conditions, and time available, can it be floated from Sulatna Crossing below Ruby, to the Nowitna? That looks tough according to my Topo map. I searched this and the old forum, and didn't see much about the Sulatna. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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    This is an old post, but here's my experience with the Sulatna. Ran my 28' Alweld about 17 river miles up the Sulatna on prop with no problems whatsoever other than a small gravel bar coming off the Novi. Ran a small zodiac type raft about 10 more river miles up (could have taken the big boat easily). Did not see anything that would make me want to land an airplane on that river, although there are a few large sloughs/ponds off-river that an enterprising float pilot might (by taking his life in his hands) try to utilize. I can't answer about floating from the Ruby Road, but I've thought of it.... Banks on the Sulatna are very high (making hunting tough--we ran the raft up above camp and floated back in the evenings, calling enroute and looking for tracks), found several places with lots of fresh-water clams, lots of sloughs off the river with possibilities for calling. We did take a nice bull out in 2011 off a slough (only moose we saw on the entire river in a week, spotted him on bank of a slough about 600 yards away, and called him in to about 15 yards, where DW introduced him to a .325 WSM), and one of our party had a blackie pay a visit while answering nature's call. Lots of beavers and waterfowl, but didn't see a lot of game animals.
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