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  • Anchorage Boat or Outdoor shows ??

    Howdy All,
    New to this site and to Anchorage via the Southern Bitterroot in Montana.
    Looks like I will be another transplant here since most of Montana has went to crap.
    Anyway I am an Avid outdoorsman/ Novice floater looking for a raft for next year and have weeded through some info and BS on some of these threads and would like to check out and kick the tires so to speak on what you guy's put down the rivers around here.
    Saw a post that mentioned a boat show here in Anchorage in April. Anyone have any more info on shows or even a GOOD place in town to window shop.
    Fish IT! Hunt IT! or *#%@ IT!

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    Here is the link to the AK sportsman show...

    March 29-Apr 1st

    As for window shopping some of the following have show rooms... If you are interested in float hunting look into one of the following:
    (401 W Tudor in Anchorage)
    (based out of Fairbanks but great web info)
    (not sure where but good web info and lots of contact info)

    Wiggy's AK
    (8225 Old Seward Highway) has Pristineventures Pro-Pioneer set up on floor

    Until then read and research anything you can get your hands on... There are tons of threads on books, videos and information pertaining to this stuff. Ya, there is some BS but that is to be expected. I've rarely been done wrong here...


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      Great I will be checking into Wiggy's and the place on Tudor, can't believe I missed them as I am up and down those roads all day.
      As far as reads have read Larry's Caribou hunting cover to cover twice and will get his other one here shortly,and of course Hunt Alaska now I am half way through.
      Shot on over to Title wave and they have a huge selection. In a few months when I narrow my search I will check back here to get a few other opinions on which raft works well for everyone else and maybe some pro's and cons.
      Thanks Again
      Fish IT! Hunt IT! or *#%@ IT!


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