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  • Fortymile River rafting info ??

    I'm thinking of rafting the Fortymile from Mosquito Fork campground to the bridge on the road to Eagle. Does anyone have recent experience on this section? A BLM flyer indicates a rapids just upstream of the bridge. Can anyone verify that rapids and provide details on it...and the rest of the river? Looks like about 40 miles on the water. Thanks in advance, gentlemen!

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    We had 3 gold claims just above the rapids you are talking about. The rapids are called "HELLS GATE" named appropriotly. Depending on water levels it can be done easy or dangerous. You can portage around them easy enough and the section is very short. The rest of the float from bridge to bridge is very easy. We floated a 12" suction dredge down from teh moskitoe fork bridge to the claims. Dredge was 12'Wx26'L and we hand floated it. Cool float but not much for hunting.


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      Thanks, AKDSLDOG

      Thanks, AKDSLDOG! I had wondered about the hunting in this area. Looks like the stream valleys are quite deep. What time of the year were you in there? We're looking at mid-September when caribou, moose, and bear are open.


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        40below, We hunted the fortymile from the west fork bridge to the take out your talking about this September. We floated for 8 days and saw one small bull and one black bear the entire trip. If I had it to do again, I would have spent four or five days at our first camp only a couple of miles from the put in on the west fork. There was a lot of sign there and fewer and fewer tracks as we floated down stream. The small section of rapids just before the take out are really minor and a short run at that. We had some of the highest water this September according to the USGS stream flows. Great float though, beautiful area with lots of grouse and great grayling fishing. If you go get a hold of Larry and June Taylor. They have a place at the take out and will shuttle your truck for you. PM me if you want some more info.


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          colodan: Thank you very both the favorable hunting areas and about the rapids near the bridge. It truly is a beautiful area. I used to hunt caribou late into October back in the early '70's when I went to school in Fairbanks. I recall the bag limit was 3 then, and most folks just parked on the Taylor Hwy bumper to bumper and waited until the 'bou crossed. Those funny folks up at Boundary just leaned their rifles out their windows in the "hotel" there and used ranging stakes they'd placed out on that little aircraft runway. They always got their limit. What fun!

          Thanks again!


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            I worked the river june/july/august. It's floatable in sept no problem. Just we never saw much for game and I have heard that from people who floated it to hunt. GL!


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              I paddled parts of this a couple times. I've written up a report, with pictures, at:


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