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    I know it may be a little early but Iím really getting the spring itch, because I just got my first raft. Iím looking for recommendations on a good shake down run in the Wasilla area (about Ĺ of a day to start with). Iím quite new to rafting and have an Aire Cougar (17í6Ē) raft. Therefore being new to the sport, Iím not looking for any thing to difficult. Just a creek that the wife and I can do to get the oars wet. It has been a wonderful winter, but for me it has been a long winter waiting for the rivers to thaw out and Iím ready to get out floating. Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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    Little Su.

    You can start at the bridge on the glenn highway and float down to millers landing (only about 1 hr) or look at google earth and find a few other spots to take out, I can't remember them all, but one has a boat ramp at the end of a dirt road, it's about 5 hrs or so to there. There's a few others, little willow, willow, ect, with the same type of class 1 water.



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      Hey bear if you float the little su I know you can get out on Millers Reach Rd its got a little dirt boat ramp thats were I put in when I float to Burma instead of putting in at the parks hwy it saves me a few hours on my float .The Willow River is nice float but last year it had some sweepers and a tight squeeze log jam have fun.


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        Thanks Chris and Gamegitter,

        I'm sure gettting excited to get started and this sure helps.

        Hope to see everyone on the rivers this year.

        Bear Necessities


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          I've heard the Alaska River Guide I think shows the float from Parks to Burma as two days in your experience what is it really. I've heard the float times in there are conservative?


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            liittle sue float

            I have floated the litttle sue in two days but that sure isn't much time for fishing and enjoying the camp. If I remember right we were like on the water for long days and if you just want to float it to float than ok, but think a extra day or so will be more fun. I would like to also say that to anyone thinking of this float that you may be taking on a river with the most danger. Its not about the class of water but with the fact that some very big river boats fly up and down it and there are a lot of blind corners that they will not see you in time for the speed some travel. I don't think that I would do this river during king season again. I wish they could do something with that river and even make it float only as its not very big and is a very nice float. They could have it motors from burma to the mouth and that would give many people here in the valley a wonderful place to float and enjoy.This idea could be another thread as to how we could get that done.
            At least in a raft they won't swamp you as they zoom past,but in a canoe they will and its sad that I don't even think that some of them care at all what happens to you. It seems that some people just can not go fast enough no matter where or what they are doing. To me being out there floating is not about getting some where fast its about slowing this crazy fast pace life down and enjoying it.
            The willow is a nice short float but after that 06 flood it really does have a lot of trees and stumps and when the water is low some of those braids I would not want to deal with a 16ft or bigger cat as it might get a bit tight in spots. I like everyone else can't hardly wait for this ice to go away and get back out there. Andrew


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              Originally posted by power drifter View Post
              I wish they could do something with that river and even make it float only
              would you feel that way if you were a power boat user instead of a floater?...amazing how some folks want to resolve a problem...:rolleyes:....but you are right, there are butt heads on that river...and any other river for that matter
              pull my finger....


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                I guess I was just dreaming out loud. I know that most people might think that having a float only river within easy reach of many people a crazy idea.
                Just thinking that not all people who would like to float want 6mile type water
                and as nice as the upper kenai is just wish we had other options to safely float and fish without the fear of getting run over. Or have to fly out north of everywhere. I know of someone that had to be life flighted out after his cat was run over by a careless motor boater. He lived but still messed up bad.No this wasn't on the little sue but on another small river here in alaska. Should they outlaw motor boats there?NO Do I hate motor boats? Of course not. They are great and not above using one or going with someone that has one. Still I love to float in peace and wish you a safe summer of fun. Andrew


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                  Personally, I think that designating most of the Little Susitna as a non motorized river would be a good idea. At the very least the section above Burma Landing. Even small motorized boats create enough of a wake on that narrow river to cause a lot of bank erosion. Years ago the river ran pretty clean all the way to the mouth, with just a modest amount of brackishness. In the past couple decades the increase in motorized use has dirtied up the water on the lower river so much you can no longer see the fish in it. That amount of erosion can't be good for long term sustainability of its large salmon runs.

                  Another option would be to limit the the motor to 10hp or so. At least that would keep speeds and boat sizes down.

                  As a life long Alaskan, I find it sad that we have to resort to restrictions at all. But the truth is the population has grown, and the increase in use calls for restictions if we are going to keep some of these places usable. I remember riding dirt bikes & snow machines all of Anchorage as a kid, and I remember how irritated I was to be told I could no longer ride the old military trails behind what is now Service High School. The skiers and hikers took them over and kicked the rest of us off. It was unfair! But can you imagine the mess if 300,000 Anchoragites were allowed out there to go four wheeling now?

                  Sorry for the rant, but the simple fact is, adding people madates restrictions on all of us. And this will likely end up banning power on some of the local favorite rivers.


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