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    anyone have any input on floating birch creek off the Steese HWY?

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    search alert-

    Originally posted by AK LIVIN View Post

    anyone have any input on floating birch creek off the Steese HWY?

    I'd start by doing a search through the forum archives; a lot has been written here about Birch Creek.

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      birch creek, second hand report

      I noticed that you hadn't gotten a response here yet.
      I have not personnally floated the birch, but its always been on my list of floatables that are on the road systems.

      Here is an email exchange i had with a person who just got back from a Mid june float 2 years ago. I don't know if this helps or not. Good luck.
      ==== snip=====
      Just got back from Birch Creek last night about midnight. If you are going in a raft, I would watch the water level in the creek carefully. We put in on Sunday the 5th and the water level was at or slightly above 41 or 42 feet. We had to drag the upper part of the river a LOT. Have you done the Birch before? If you are doing a raft, you are definitely going to be doing a lot of rowing to get on and off between the 19th and the 25th. We put in on the 5th and took out on the 12th. We put in 8 to 9 hours a day of rowing. If you have a motor mount to your raft, you can motor the last part of the river. Although canoes will be faster, there are three large rapids (that were a blast in a raft) that you will probably need to line through.

      We did not spend a lot of time fishing because we planned too little time on the river and spent too much time rowing so we could make it back last night. When we did fish, the fishing was not good, which was a big surprise to me. Usually the grayling will strike at anything. We did not fish for pike or white fish. There was a mayfly hatch at the end of our trip, so if you are doing fly fishing, I would recommend maybe taking flies that resemble mayflies.

      BUGS - bad, but not unbearable. The upper river, surprisingly, was worst. Often there was a breeze (at times a very strong head wind) that kept them down. The mornings were really bad. The evenings were not bad at all in the middle and lower part of the river.

      As for the car transport, we drove to Central and stopped at the Steese Roadhouse at the turnoff to Circle Hot Springs. A waitress's fiance, Jacob, ferried the car from the put in to the take out for $50. Very nice guy. We just stopped at the roadhouse and asked if anyone would be interested in doing that.

      If you need any other information, please email. Water levels are low and were dropping when we were on the river.

      ===== end snip =====


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        do a search on youtube. there are couple vids there that show bc at moderately high water.

        you should have no trouble with a raft, assuming you have some moderate ability.


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          report is accurate

          I have floated Birch Creek in the Spring. Lots of dragging for the first day or two. We cut out some big sweepers last year. Its even worse in the fall. After that it is easy going in a raft. Lost of good places to camp. It is slow and meandering when you get to the flats. we did a lot of rowing to get through it in 4 days. Didn't have much luck fishing, a few small grayling.


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