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Wind data for coastal rivers?

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  • Wind data for coastal rivers?

    Anyone know where I could find climate data - monthly average wind strengths in particular - for Alaska coastal rivers?

    I found some average data on wind resource sites (below), but no season average info.

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    Not specific to rivers, but when planning float trips, I go to and do the "Trip Planner" in the upper right. Put in the name of a nearby village and you get tons of info. You can choose the dates, for example, Noatak (village) Aug 20-28. Then it will give me about 10 years worth of weather averages on temps, wind, rain, etc.. This makes it easy to see a historical average for an area and more importantly, for the exact timing of your trip. A useful tool no doubt, but not specific to rivers unfortunately. But there are many, many villages near the rivers most folks float.

    Below is a link to a "Trip Planner" for Noatak Sept 10-17 as an example...

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      Good historical climate info...

      I found a village at the mouth - like you said many years' worth of temps, pressure, precip and wind data - including gusts. Very helpful.
      Thanks, Dan.
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