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    Hi all.... I'm in the process of building up an old (10ft) snow machine trailer for my 14ft raft. I'm thinking I'd like to put a 7 ft. roller on the back to make loading/unloading easier. Does anybody have any source/ideas/experience with this?

    Also, I might have to extend the trailer tongue a few feet so I have clearance between the front of my raft and the back of my Jeep. Does anybody have a good source for welding in Anchorage?

    Thanks for any help. I also want to add that I'm economically minded (cheapskate).

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    Where You At ?

    Knowing where your at would be a big help - If your in Anchorage I would check with Trailercraft Inc. They could extend the hitch and install the roller at the same time. They would also extend and rewire it as needed. You will most likely find that using some 18 inch boat rollers is going to be the best bet for the back.
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      Raft Trailer Work

      Speak with Dan Shilling (907.440.0770). He converts (guide posts, rollers, tongue extensions, etc) a lot of trailers over for rafts/catarafts/sportboats. He also builds a lot of trailers for same from scratch.

      Good luck,



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        We have rollers on the end of our trailer that never get used because normally the back of the trailer is underwater when we launch and recover the raft. Take a look at what the launches are like where you will be using your raft and decide whether or not you really need the roller. In the end it was a waste of money for us. The one suggestion I will make is that you have a winch on the make sure to have it mounted on a post about 3 feet high. Ours is on the main tongue to the front and pretty much useless as a means to pull the boat up on the trailer as it is actully pulling down on the boat because of the attachment point on the raft is higher than the winch. Also be sure to round off any sharp edges on the back edge of the trailer as we once ripped a 2 foot tear in a pontoon because the back edge of the trailer wasn't quite under water. We still floated, just tied up the flat portion of the pontoon, but it wasn't as fun as a normal trip.

        Good luck,



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          Raft Trailer

          Hello FB,

          Dan Shilling did the extension to my trailer, and did a good job. I also gluded outdoor carpet to the plywood. It works for me. When I put in, the trailer is usually at least half way under water, give or take. I don't see how rollers will help, unless you are going to be unloading it on dry ground.

          One thing I am going to do this year, is either silicone my lights in the back, or get sealed light units. The bulbs don't last long after getting them wet a few times. Good luck.

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            I just wanted to update everyone on my process. I live in Anchorage and ended up taking my trailer to Jim Rosteck at Aurora Trailers (907) 336-9111. He welded a removable winch stand, added a tongue jack, and installed a removable roller on the back. I was treated very well and I thought he did it at a great price. Nice Guy too.

            I will post some pics when I get a chance. I'm looking forward to getting on the rivers!



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              Ya, please post some pics. I'm going to put a roller and a winch stand/winch on mine this spring and possibly extend the tongue. It's always nice to see pics for ideas.


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