Need a Water Taxi to Deshka Landing



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  • Need a Water Taxi to Deshka Landing

    I need a water taxi from the confluence of Deshka river to Deshka Landing. Any body interested, and if so, what would you charge for 3 people, a dog, and a bunch of gear?

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    I'm Also Looking for a Pickup

    Im also looking for a couple rides from Deska River to Deska Landing - at least one in the spring (early summer shake down run maybe bear hunt) and one early September. My understanding is that the September pickup needs to be a transporter (hunting trip). If any one has a suggestion on who to call it would be appreciated.



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      I know the guy at the Kashwitna River Campground (Susitna River Landing) does pick ups at the Deshka. He rents canoes for floats down the Moose to the Deshka and then picks up the clients to take them back to Sue/Kash confluence. I would be he would pick up and drop off at Deshka Landing.
      You might post this on the boating forum rather than the rafting forum.
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        Ron's Riverboat of Susita Landing was struck ill this winter. There may be someone else working out of the landing, but Ron is out of the game.


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          Talk to Andy Willis at Deshka River lodge. I've used them in the past when I floated Moose & Kroto creeks and needed a ride to the landing.
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            Water Taxi

            You might also speak to Farley Dean at Willow Creek Resort (907.495.6343). He may be providing a water taxi service to/from the Deshka.

            Good luck,



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              Talk to...

              Ray Roth at Eagle Quest Lodge (just on the left before you go into the Deshka landing) does pickup and drop off.


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