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Tlikakila River ?

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  • Tlikakila River ?

    Has anybody floated the Tlikakila river from Summit lake to lake Clark (Lake Clark Pass?)
    I'm fairly new to AK and am getting a couple of new cats this year, looking for places not over run by jet boats and bank fisherman.
    I know the silt content in the tlik is to high to support any real populations of fish, but hows the float, how're the hunting oppourtunities.

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    Air traffic

    Lake Clark pass is a very busy corodor for aircraft could get noisy. Call Trail ridge air I think they have dropped people there for that float.


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      its a decent float. I did it maybe 18 years ago.
      it is braided and you have to pick the right channel or you are dragging..
      there are a few fish that go up the river. It is in a preserve area so no hunting I believe that is still the case..
      We saw moose and bear and wolf on our trip.
      and most importantly,, I was able to see about every type of aircraft.
      It is like a freeway for airplanes. I don't remember ever not hearing an airplane engine sound except for after dark..
      even when we had rain and clouds, I could hear the drone of aircraft going over the top..
      It was one of those trips that was pretty cheap to do.
      it is close to the kenai, and pickup at lake clark is close too..
      If I were to ever do this river again, it would be because I wanted to pan for GOLD... There are several glaciers that feed this drainage, and we did actually find some gold along the way when we camped one night at a place where one of the glaciers comes into the river.. we hiked up the creek and made a couple of digs and found gold the first try in the pan..
      I still have those flakes and a decent nugget in a little bottle around here somewhere..
      Do it if you can..
      When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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