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    hey guys,
    I bought a 14 alaskan series raft last fall and was looking for a small outboard for it. I was at sportsmans warehouse today and happened to walk past their electric trolling motors for 250.00. do you think one with 50 pounds of thrust would push me across a lake??? has anyone tried one with a raft. thanks matt

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    comments anybody??


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      For small lakes with the kids, maybe.

      I can't speak from experience on a raft, but I don't think I'd recommend it if you're trying to make any time or are crossing a body of water of any size. I've used a 50lb thrust trolling motor on my 16 ft aluminum jon boat extensively. It's great for fishing small to medium sized lakes with the kids where gas motors are prohibited and I don't feel like paddling. It will get you from point "A" to point "B," but I certainly wouldn't trust it on any lake that could get even marginally bumpy. If you're planning to cross Skilak, I would absolutely not recommend it! I'm planning to put a 4 hp on my 14 ft round boat.


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        elect. trolling motor

        Done that with a 16 cat and a 30 ft lb motor. It worked OK for short distances on flat water.

        Downside: the batteries are heavy, awkward and you have no real range or power in a head wind, a small gas engine is much more convenient.


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          I have a 12' Zodiac and I use a 26 ft/lb thrust trolling motor for fishing some of the small lakes around my house. It pushes it around fairly well in a mild wind situation. Wide open it is to fast for trolling. Definitely better than paddling. I can get an afternoon of trolling on one battery.


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            I'm just posting here so that I don't have to look at 'poop box' everytime I log in to the forum. Just to put something else on the main page.


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              trolling motor on a raft

              I use a 50lb thrust trolling motor on a 14ft, self-bailer, round-raft quite a bit for lake fishing. As long as the wind is fairly calm it will move you along really good (and even leave a wake). I bought one of the smaller spill-less batteries and I can use it all day long without burning it out. I hope this helps.


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                I'm also going to give it a try

                I'm also VERY new to rafting. But I did push (trolled) a 17' fiberglass deep V boat with a 42 lbs. elec. motor. The advantages were that it worked well (trolling for walleye) on fairly flat water (Great Lakes) and I loved how QUITE it was. That hum of the gas motors, even the 4 stocks gets on my nerve’s after a while. On the great lakes it did the speeds that I needed. For the raft – I see the weight of the battery (compared to the thrust) a problem. I plan on trying it this year on a raft (17’6” Cougar) and because I have the electric trolling motor and battery this year and will let you all know how it preformed. I do not see it being effective in the current, but in the lakes (ponds) – I have to give it a try.


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                  I noticed that Cabela's has a 34 lb thrust on sale for about $99. I have zero experience with electric motors. Will this push around a little 12' Jon boat around the local Anchorage lakes with and adult and a couple of 4-5 year old grandkids or would that be under powered? Of course I'm not looking for much more then to keep from having to row from one end of the lake to the other.


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                    Here's a pic of my raft

                    AK Dutch, It's not the best pic but I couldn't find one of just the frame. Let me know if you need anything else.
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                      Alaska Fly Guy,
                      I bought a 28 ft/lbs thrust motor a few years ago for around $75 at the Sports Authority on the Old Seward Highway. I think it is a Minn Kota or something like that. It pushes two adults around in a 12' Zodiac so I think that 34 lbs would be plenty to push 12' Jon boat. I would look in Anchorage and see what they have in stock before ordering one you might save some money on shipping.


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                        <<<<Downside: the batteries are heavy, awkward and you have no real range or power in a head wind, a small gas engine is much more convenient.>>>>>

                        whitewater, any recs on a small gas engine for a canoe?


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