16 ft zodiac tough enough for float hunt



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  • 16 ft zodiac tough enough for float hunt

    Has anyone taken a 16ft zodiac (soft bottom) for a moose float hunt
    How did it hold up ? :confused:

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    Check this thread:

    "Floating a zodiac w/ an outboard". I asked this question last year and received a lot of good information.


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      Here is the link.


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        We have done it

        Worked really good for us. But! we were in a fairly mild river that did not require a lot of dragging. I would not consider it, where I have to drag it or if I had serious white water (Class 3 and above) to deal with. Worked great for us, but I think it is a depends on the river subject.
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          proper boat....

          fish slayer,

          Buy a proper boat. Purchase a raft for rafting. When you have a raft you will raft more often, and you will raft and fish and hunt on more challenging rivers.

          Yes, they are expensive. And yes, our ecomomy is tanking. So work some overtime. Or, despite the poor ecomomy, there is still more work or other work available for those who want to work, or for those that need that new raft.

          You deserve a big, colorful, high quality (AIRE), new raft capable of big water. A round boat if you do not have a suitable trailer and will not be using a motor on it. A cataraft if you have a trailor and might sometimes use a motor. Be careful when you inform your spouse of this new, necessary acquisition. Hint...let her choose the color and tell her you will name your new boat after her. Tell her that you and her and the family will experience more quality time together on your new boat, named after her.

          Man, you deserve a new raft!

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            boats for floats


            The link Stid posted will get you what you need.

            In short, let the river choose the boat.

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