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  • Gulkana Raft Hunt

    Thinking about floating hunting the Gulkana this fall. I've read Mike's book, but don't see much posted here in the forums. We'll have two people and will bring inflatable kayaks to hopefully access up some creek beds that otherwise might not be traveled.

    What are the prevailing winds on Paxson, ie how hard is the run across the lake? (ie should you really have a motor)

    Generally, what's terrain like? How easy is it to get off the river?

    Is there enough water to run either the Middle Fork from Dickey Lake or the North Branch of the West Fork in the fall? Are there any wheelplane access points or is air acess to the Middle Fork limited to floatplane at Dickey Lake or to the lakes at the top of the North Branch of the West Fork?

    I'm sure this will be crowded but it's an inexpensive and accessible option...another option being Fortymile but as Mike says "Fortymile moose have been to school."

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    Check your PM's Eh

    Will see what is said prior to chipping in my 28 cents mean while back at the ranch check your PM.


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