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  • Best Inflatable For Hunting

    I rent cabins to hunters.
    My properties are outside of an area "associated with a city town or village" so are considered to be in the "feild" by big game statutes. I can not provide anything from the property that can be used in the field by a big game hunter, but if a hunter brings in an inflatable and kicker from a State Airport or a town it can be used for any purpose.

    I am considering purchasing an inflatable and keeping it in town for the use of the hunters.
    It has to be light enough to be bundled into a 206 or Beaver big enough for 3, ideally 4 persons. Stout enough for for constant handling and inflation cycles and most importantly seaworthy. I have no experience with inflatables and I know this is a tall order.

    I own 7 all weather aluminum skiffs but am not allowed to provide them from my locations to big game hunters which really sucks so my main consern is the safety of those who uses my equipment. Any recomendations will be apreciated.

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    West Marine

    Get with Varse at West Marine they have banners on this Web Site as well. By your question it seems you need something with a Motor i.e. Ocean Going vessel hence the West Marine POC. If I am mistaken sorry if not I hope the data helps.

    Also you can pre-search this link.

    Sounds like you need something 12.5Ft to about 13'10". West Marine Zodiac Style Boats are made by Zodiac comes with a 5 year warranty.

    Your biggest issue will be weight and floor style i.e. plastic, Wood, Metal etc..... All have +/- issues.

    Here is the inflatable Page Link:

    Hope the data helps. Best Wishes and Tight Lines.

    Blue Moose


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