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  • what length to rent?

    I am coming up in Sept to fish the Kenai for Bows in Sept with a friend and I have a question. We will be renting a self bailer for the two of us and wonder what length raft would be the best for 5 days of fishing the Kenai for two people. We will mostly be fishing the upper refuge but may do a day in the middle. Any thought for a 14, 15 or 16 foot raft for two? Which one would be best? FYI - I own a 16' Hyde and am experienced on the oars. Thanks!

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    13' or 14' Self Bailer fine

    Several make & model 13' or 14' Self-Bailing rafts will be fine.

    I think going any bigger would not be necessary, even if you added another person or more day gear.

    Not sure of your transportation from put-ins to take-outs... camping spots or rv parking & such... but the lighter, simpler, more compact, maneuverable, and manageable weight package makes multiple runs down river amongst roadside traffic or waits by the boat ramps way easier.


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      14ft should be plenty. If you are doing day floats for those 5 days you could even go a bit smaller and still have plenty of float. If you are bringing gear for overnight the 14 will certainly hold it and then some.


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        You might want to check for availibility from whomever you're planning on renting from. You'll probably have trouble finding a self-bailing roundboat longer than 14 feet for rent. But, a 14 footer should be more than big enough for day trips on the Kenai for 2 guys.


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          Kenai river

          14 ft is a great size.
          Its not to heavy, fairly easy to move on the water, carries a decent payload, will handle class water as high as the river class number system goes.
          The 12 footers are like the Geo trackers or the honda CVX's etc. smaller suv's, they are small tight and you have a tendancy to overload them. or ask to much of them. but properly loaded they are really nice and easy....
          the 14 footers are like the exploders and cherokee's and the blazers.. mid sized with decent room, and fits lots of customer base. does not require massive amounts of horsepower to move, and easy to park.
          the 16 and up are the suburbans and Expeditions. carry alot of people and gear, but not as easy to park. they require more horsepower to move etc.
          They make great party barges...
          I have an 18 foot raft in my fleet that gets used just for that purpose..
          big groups that wanna just float, and have a great time. the guy on the oars is usually pretty worn out at days end unless he shares the chore.
          My wife calls it the party barge... and rightly so..
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