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    hope to float birch creek, first week of june, in a 14' otter, am i going to have fun or just a "drag" for the first part, i hear it can be shallow but not heard come raft users. i think the put in is like 97 or 102 mile steese, also how did you enjoy the float/ fishing? thanks, now let the thawing begin.......mark

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    I've only been on Birch during the September moose season and we have an Aire Leopard.

    The float can be pure pleasure or lots of dragging depending on water levels. Both the put-in and take-out are pretty well marked but I would have a GPS so I was sure. In high water the float can be done in 3 days. In low water it's a 7 to 10 day ordeal.

    The water is usually pretty shallow for the first 20 miles or so (until you get to the main river.

    We fished on the trips and caught lots of grayling in the last 1/2 of the float. Never caught much in the upper part of the river. I know there are northerns in the slow, lower part but we never fish for them. Use black colored flies or small spinners. Fish he spinners slowly.

    Some of the float was burned in 2004 but it should be pretty green by now.


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      its a great float. pretty things to look at. a fun "canyon" with real interesting bedrock on both sides for a few hundred feet.

      the flow varies greatly. keep an eye on it prior to driving up there. my advice would be if its less than 50cfs, DON'T goóhave a plan b trip, divert to that, come back to birch next time. at low low water you will be dragging FAR more than the first few miles and your trip will resemble bogart in the african queenówith the leaches and the water!

      also, birch's level can rise VERY quickly. so, camp high as reasonable and keep your boats tied-up at night.

      flows at:


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        "african queenówith the leaches and the water!"

        african queenówithout the leaches and the water!


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