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    Anyone use a Pro Pioneer for fishing trips? I am thinking of getting one but want to be able to use it on fishing trips as well as hunting trips.

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    I'm considering same so I'll be following this thread as well although mine would be primarily for hunting and family trips.

    FWIW, I've heard the flatwater performance is not so good but I'd be interested in hearing from other users as that was from a single source.
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      Inflatable Canoe Test

      Hi folks,

      You might have a look at the Inflatable Canoe Test I did a few years ago. The PP was one of the boats tested, and it came through pretty well.

      Also if you have not done so already, you might do a search through the forum archives on this boat. A lot has been written about it here.

      Best regards,

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        PP is great for fishing

        I use mine all the time to float grayling rivers...Chatanika, Chena, Clearwater, Jim and such. I can get 3 people in it (two is optimal) and all the gear for a multi-night float trip. It bounces off and over anything these rivers have to offer, and with the oar saddles, is very easy to control.


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          i float hunted with mine last year and occassionally fished out of it during the float. it made a good vessel for fishing on a river.

          i also bought it for dual purpose: float hunting for me plus fishing outings with my family.

          ...have yet to try the family part of it because a PP holds 3 humans and my family has 5 humans in it


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            I used one for last years float hunt and it worked really well.
            I was on a slow river with all my gear but still made it to my take out 2 days early.
            Never snagged it or had any problems with it. It bounced off every thing I hit.
            Nick Clegg
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              Thanks Everyone

              Thanks for the replies - I did check out all of the old posts before I posted up and I grew up in canoes and kayaks in the upper midwest and ontario (BWCA, Quetico, rivers in MN, WI) and the PP just seems like a nice boat for float hunting and fishing in some tight remote spots as well as some floats kings and slivers...



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