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  • Hows the biz?

    The wife and I were starting up a kayaking/float, cultural tours biz a couple years ago, but a bad housing situation kept us in check.
    Weve been in the Art business however, all along.

    We have since moved, and are getting it back together.
    Weve had alot to learn, but we are seeing progress with our setting up at various rivers and we have most of the equipment, as well as excellent knowlage of the rivers here that flow into Kotzebue Sound, and the Sound itsself.

    So therefor I ask, Hows the biz? Has the global economic dip slowed things up?

    Thanks for any response, however dire...LOL!
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    So far Alaska has mostly been resistant to the global economy woes, with unemployment up slightly over last winter. But the prediction is that the Alaska tourism market will take a big hit this summer. I suspect the Alaskan economy will weather this fairly well, but that doesn't mean we will be unaffected -- just less affected than most places. I just read in the Anchorage Daily News that Alaska's interior should do quite well though. I guess there are a few other industries doing some growth this summer.

    The future is hard to predict in the best of times, and this isn't one of them.


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      Thank you.

      For ourselfs, orders for artwork have slowed, but it does after X-mas and before tourist season.
      Were reflecting on how best to incorperate cultural tours into the local "system" and taking people down rivers and in the Sound,with stops to fishing camps and villages as well as historical sights seems to be our direction still.

      Out of 83 looks, that was one good response ~LOL!~
      If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

      "Dam it all", The Beaver told me.....


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        What type of artwork, Do you have a website?


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