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Mike Where is the Book?

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  • Mike Where is the Book?

    Mike: I thought the book was supposed to be out by now. Just wondering when those of us who pre-purchased will be getting it. Thanks

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    bump...I'd like to know too


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      Book Release Date

      Hi guys,

      Here's the latest news on the float hunting book. By the way, sorry for not replying sooner, this forum has gotten so huge that even I can't keep track of it! I've been in Seattle, King Salmon and Dillingham all week (and Fairbanks next week), so I haven't had time to respond to this. Sorry for the delay!

      I have nothing to do with the release date. What I do know is that the editor / publisher is putting some finishing touches on this, but I don't know when he will release it. I apologize for the frustration some of you feel; just imagine how I must feel after spending ten years on this project! Nobody wants to see it on the market more than I, let me tell you (unless it's the publisher- I've been steadily bugging him about it for months).

      My intent is to post a release date here in the hunting forum as soon as I know when that will be.

      For those interested in a copy, HERE'S THE LINK to my website describing the book. From there you can click on the book image to read more about it on the publisher's site. We're in pre-order status right now, which means that if you order it now you get a discount plus free shipping. Your credit card will not be charged until the book ships.

      Thanks again for your patience with this.

      Best Regards,

      Michael Strahan
      Site Owner
      Alaska Hunt Consultant
      1 (406) 662-1791


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