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Raft frame seat mounts...welded versus bolt-on

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  • Raft frame seat mounts...welded versus bolt-on

    I'm currently designing a cata-canoe frame and would like to get input on the seat mounts. The two options that I'm looking at are welding an alum plate or using one of the bolt-on models. I would prefer the welded over the bolt-on for several reasons; less weight (even though minimal), less moving parts and no roll on the bar. My concern is that with fly-in trips, am I going to run into issues because I can't remove the seat plates from the bars? The other question I have is around the Lopro's, do they come pre-drilled for the bar connection? I was just thinking thru the process and trying to determine if there's a jig or something you use to decide where to drill the hole in the alum pipe or do you put the Lopro into the pipe and drill thru both? Thanks in advance.

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