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    I have access to Dillingham via business and I am looking for info about floating from the lake system to Dillingham in the next year or so. Has anyone had experience doing it?

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    Originally posted by chsr17 View Post
    I have access to Dillingham via business and I am looking for info about floating from the lake system to Dillingham in the next year or so. Has anyone had experience doing it?
    You might consider contacting Bay Air in Dillingham ay 907 842-2570, or www.BayAir-Alaska.com. They work all the areas north, east and west of Dillingham with their Beaver on floats.

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      Its probably going to require a flyout and a pickup.
      Dillingham is 30 miles from tide water up the Nush at Portage Creek.
      and the lakes are large and would require lots of rowing to get accross.
      Yes Bay Air has some good floats that they can help you with
      Give Janet or Tom a call.
      here is there phone number.
      Phone907) 842-2570

      You can also pm me if you want some other suggestions for rivers while visiting that area.
      When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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        Tom and Janet seem like good people. Had a few emails with them this month.

        I have used Rick Grant at Tikchick Airventures in Dillingham. Great pilot and I recommend him.
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          I met someone who was in a group of kayakers that did that through some of the lakes and rivers there; I think they spent something like 10 days - and flew out with freshwater adventures; I understand that there are certain conditions and times of day where the lakes are calm and others where it is not There is a gravel road that goes from Dillingham to the last lake.


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            This is just a dumb FYI;

            If you are renting your gear check it carefully before you fly out and make sure you know how to use it. Met a party last year returning from the Nushagek. They rented a raft from Freshwater but failed to checkit before departing. When they went to inflate one of the pontoons it had a two foot cut in the side:eek:. They had to wait for two day before a replacement pontoon could be delivered. Needless to say this put them behind schedule and they had to row like a bunch of galley slaves to meet their schedule.

            p.s. I would endorse Tikchik Airventures


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              I second using Tikchik Air and the road to Aleknagik Lake is paved now. Awesome country! After you get down the Agulowak river, it is a 15 mile row to the take out. Lake Nerka (2nd lake) is about 40 miles long. Lots of rowing! I hope the wind is in your favor. If you're using catarafts it would be wise to have a small motor on the back. Be prepared for excellent fishing: arctic char, pike, rainbows, red salmon, and more. The char fishing where the Agulowak enters lake Aleknagik is incredible, bring a lure called a buzz bomb, but be aware of the fishing regs. You are only allowed a single hook in the river and I think a 1/4 mile into the lake. Have fun. I'll be there June 25-July 9 for the king run. I used to live in Aleknagik and still have a place there.


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