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  • Looking for river raft

    Looking for a 12 to 14 round river raft. Must be in good shape. Must hold more than 1200 lbs.

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    to buy or rent....

    If your looking for a 14 foot round-boat to purchse in AK, for a hunt in AK, have you consideder renting? Alaska Raft & Kayak rents complete rafts with all the extras, and most of the air taxi transporters also rent rafts and rafting gear at very reasonable rates.

    Just an idea after seeing that nobody was offering up any other suggestions to you.
    Some other info, any other information, about your intended purpose could help us help you.

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      I sent you a PM

      Your email is somewhat open ended to be honest.

      As an exampl Bailer? Bucket Boat? Is weight a concern? do you need warranty on the boat? Multi-hunts over years or one time use? Lots of potential questions.

      Check your mail box. AR&K, BMR, Pristine ventures all offer used gear now and again.

      Blue Moose


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        I'm open for either bucket or self bailer. Perfurably 14ft but would consider a 12ft. Looking for one in fairly good condition for many hunts in Alaska and around home. I wouldn't expect warrently on a used boat but if offered that would be great. Needs to carry a minimum of 1200 lbs.
        Also looking for rowing frame.

        We have looked into renting but since we are already driving up there it is cheaper for us to haul it up.

        Purchase raft= $1500.
        ship from Anchorage to Kotzebue and back= $260.

        Three to four week rental= $2000.

        If you look at the two figures we could come out better to buy.
        ?? Are we missing any expences???


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          Sent you another PM

          Possible missing items:

          You mentioned Frame many options depending on your needs i.e. TM cooler frame allows you to row but only holds one person.

          Skid plate frame holds three people but does not hold a cooler.

          If your fising you might want seats suggest Big Horn 1 with cooler holder bar and seats.

          Oars or Paddles, Pump, Rescue line, Repair Kit, Cargo net etc........

          Getting the boat with frame in multi use condition i.e. years of service you might want to look at some type of warranty to go with it so somewhat newer IMO.

          Hope the data helps!

          I know I am tasking you to death sorry.

          Blue Moose


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            Rent vs Buying

            I agree with Moose. There are many items that makes a raft package. 14 foot raft is closer to 2.000$ a frame is a must on the Noatak- $500-600, 3 Oars- $150 each, 12-15 straps $4-6 each, Throw bag-$25, PFD’s 35 each x 4(?) Cargo platform’s $65-75 x 2=150$, Cargo nets &65-75, a pump-$50 and a tool and repair kit-$35.

            Shipping Anchorage to Kotz and back is close.

            I know we have talked but 3 weeks or rental is about $1,500 vs $3,600 and then what do you do with your new gear after the trip? Renting can be expensive but buying is more and the logistics can be unbearable. My gear is delivered to your flight service and I pick it when your finished and you fly home.

            It is a fair question but look at the entire question not a small piece of it. Nothing is worse than arriving on the river and not having everything that you need and you are 3 weeks from being back in civalition. Gear rental makes the trip much more enjoyable.


            Northwest Alaska Back Country Rentals


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              Originally posted by mnranchergal View Post

              ?? Are we missing any expences???

              Just a few

              Don't underestimate the frame/oars/repair kit/straps/throw bags/etc.. This stuff adds up. I choose to fly with my gear so I had to first find a raft under 100 lbs (max checked luggage limit). This proved nearly impossible with all the self bailers being made today. Finally, Goo Vogt of Alaska Wildwater (Sotar rep in Alaska) hooked me up. Got a nearly new (looked brand new) custom Sotar that is 14'4" and is a non self bailer. It weighs 93 lbs. Then I had a custom break down frame designed and it is being fabricated as we speak. Then all the other little items, pump x 2, straps, throw bags, extra repair kit, extra valve/wrench, pfd, three oars, raft cargo platform, cargo net, extra oar lock, rope, extra keeper pins, extra frame bolts/clips, etc... This is an order I just made with Sotar. I do go a bit overboard on things, but you will need far more than just the raft.

              Raft $3000
              Frame $700
              Oars and other stuff $1200
              pfds $100

              Gear total $5,000

              Ship from Anch to Kotz $400

              Gas used hauling 250# $100
              from Mt to Ak and back

              Total expense to you $5500

              My suggestion, either buy a 16.5 foot Ally pack canoe (which I own and love) or rent a raft from Walt in Kotzebue. Either way, you will be out $1,500 instead of $5,500.
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