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    to order just call up star

    The F1 and F2 frame knuckles are $10.95, oar mount knuckles (F3) are $15.95, Just call up star and talk to Jeanette to order, the new Star website sucks, they don't show all the parts that you can actually buy individually like their old website used to.

    Speaking about retailers, I have recently found out there is quite a bit of markup on whitewater rafting goods from some distributors (a lot more than in my line of work), hence possible negotiation room (at least in the lower 48). For example, I got a pair of Maxxon cat tubes (12') from the Maxxon importer in Washington for $385 for a pair! The quality is good for glued tubes (only one seam that is beefed up pretty good). The maxxon stuff last pretty good as indicated by one of our boats which is a 14' maxxon raft that is nearly 8 years old with lots of miles and no major issues (other than a poor location for the pressure relief valve). Anyhow, the tubes are the same as rebranded and sold by Badcat and Skookum (popular 1 to 2 person fishing cats down here). These guys sell their tubes for over $1,200 last I checked. Anyone can get the maxxon tubes for $385 (plus shipping), just google maxxon us and call the 800 number in kent, WA (I am not affiliated with this company or any other equipment company)


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      Sounds like you are well underway. To me these things cost time but when the weather hits the cold mark, there is no better place than the shop and to have a project.

      I was going to build my own frame (until I got a deal on a used NRS frame). I have modified my frame a bit. A few summers ago when I bought 1 1/4 Sch 40 anodized aluminum tubing it was pretty cheap. Now I wish I had bought more. I do still have 20' left.

      If I were you, I’d consider having some bends. If you have the materials all cut and take to a shop, it shouldn’t be too pricey at 8 bends or so.

      Fittings seem to suck the money. I have heard the fittings star sells are good. Holleander speedrail fittings can cut costs a bit, but from experience I wouldn’t use in structural positions. I use a combination of Holleander type and NRS fittings.

      Besides Star for ideas and fittings, try Down River Equip ( I think they use all Hollaender structural fittings)

      I order my NRS fittings direct from NRS. I like to support local but sometimes money is the main issue. With shipping I paid way less than local.

      Another thing to consider is weight. I ended up getting a NRS top cat frame (used). It is great frame, but it is 118 lbs. So my boat set up for fly in trips is a little heavy. A different frame and different dimensions but the Down River frame seems to weigh less. I am not sure why and don't have dimensions to compare lengths, but this product is about 88 lbs. I see the DRE fits to a 16' and the top cat is probably for 18', but I don't think that can account for 30 lb difference.

      Another thought / question. I see some frames with 90 bends in going parallel to the tubes, whereas the NRS frames the bends follow the tubes or perpendicular to the tubes. Any advantages / disadvantages?


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        WOW! Great info and work

        youngtrout after reading your PM you are well on your way to egtting it done and Jim always provides sound advise so adding to what has been discuss would be almost a mute point. Best of luck with your continue efforts your plans were well thought out and your knowledge regarding materials will see you through the end.

        SHAPP than you for sharing as well and doing a ton of homework and providing insight on cost savings.

        As always some times I hesitate to post replies concerning certain data on certain post "no one wants to sound like well you know" however I do have to post one comment and hope I am not high-jacking this thread.

        My issue with the thread is this and PM please akrafter with some details I would love to know. I order my NRS fittings direct from NRS which is way cheaper.

        Please feel free like I say to PM me with the details. Retail after shipping over the past two years has been killer. Would like to know if your in ANCH or Squarebanks? Maybe we can change your mind about cost. I know if someone ordered direct from NRS for a single LoPro and hardware someone is paying about $24.00 which is WAY More expensive than retail. That being said if NRS is having a sale or cut rate shipping your statement holds water (I know bad pun on the rafting forum)

        I guess when it comes down to brass tacks what chaps my oar locks is general statements concerning cost and what is what compared to location. I do not blame anyone for an opinion and by all rights post away. As always I wish for al users to find the best deals that fit into their budget and styles. I hope as a group my post is not taken the wrong way. Just trying to figure out some of the generalized statements concerning cost in regards to our local dealerships.

        "The Grass is always Greener over the Septic System"


        Richard M. Mousseau


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          I can respond here, if appropriate, if not please delete.

          Somehow I knew that statement would be questioned. I do not wish to say certain retailers are overpriced. I understand everything has to be shipped up, so things will cost more than the lower 48. I am by no means an expert like others on this board. I was just trying to share my experience.

          So maybe it isn't "way" cheaper, or maybe "way" is all about perspective. If I can save $20 - $50 - $100, that is way cheaper to me. Maybe I was quoted the wrong price when I called, but let me clarify. This was also in May of 2007. I'm not sure what prices are reflected now.

          This was a few years back. At that point, when I purchased fittings, I really didn't know about Blue Moose's store. I am Fairbanks. The funny thing is, I didn't order enough fittings, and did end up getting 4 more from Blue Moose (After I already ordered though). When I was ordering I called down to Anc to check their prices. I don't know what it is about me or Anc, but I never can call at the right time to get the right help. The kid I talked to didn't know what "NRS lo pro frame fittings" were, and after several call backs, I received a price that was more than I could ship them up for, which was somewhere between $24-$25 a piece. The price I paid before shipping is $17.95 each, and after shipping I paid $20 each for the fittings. While seemingly little difference when comparing one to one, buying 20 fittings at $20 vs. 20 fittings at $25 is $100 difference. At this point in time, I don't know what everyone is charging. I have had retailers change the price on me, saying freight is more.

          I don't know what any retailer in Alaska is charging, nor to I want to sway anyone from supporting local businesses. Sorry about the comment. I did not wish to offend anyone or take away from business.


          Youngtrout -

          Whatever way you go, I for one would like to see where you end up. Sounds like a neat project!


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            I hope it stays

            Great retort, polite and to the point thank you.

            One of BMR goals are to not increase the price for shipping if the item in quesiton is brought up from Anch so that standard pricing is equal across the state not inlcuding any discounts that may apply.

            Thanks for taking the time to reply. As stated great post.

            Did not offend honest just chapped my oar locks :-) As we continue to build our business we need honest input for thos who utilize our prodcuts and services. Post such as yours are needed just looking for the cause and this forum allows business such as ours to meet the ever day challanges of providing better customer service.

            Richard Mousseau
            AKA Blue Moose


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