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Drift Boat'in the Kasilof.

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  • Drift Boat'in the Kasilof.

    Don t see a forum specific to Drift boats, but this seems to be the closest in "style".
    SOo...could anyone offer some pointers on running a drift boat on the Kasilof for a novice to intermediate oarsman? (Ive done to Upper Kenai several times in friends Drift boat, and dozens of times in an inflatable, but dont realy "drift and fish" /backtroll that section of the river, and the hazards while there, are fairly obvious)
    Is the Kasilof pretty similar in technical skill level? Any gotchas? What are the available (public) pullouts?

    Would like to take my new boat out for some kings, but dont want to push my current skill limits.

    Any feedback appreciated.



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    you may get your turn in the barrel

    The Kasilof river... Well. its straight forward... You will follow the leader. put in at the sterling hwy, Kasilof bridge state park launch. you just follow the long string of drift boats ahead of you, and back troll the exact holes they do.. as your turn comes up..The fishing can be very good, but you will understand this little river very quickly in only one trip.. The guide boats know the drill and just pay attention.. and you will get your turn in the kasilof river barrel..
    To get out, you will either need a second car at the private boat launch takeout, or hitch-hike back to the bridge and to your car and trailer...
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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      I've done that float several times over a couple of years. I found out that the campground downriver from Crooked Creek, Cohoe Cove, is a great place to take out at. They have a nice boat ramp, and if you have a raft like my 16 ft. cat. you can disassemble there for the trip home. There was a person there that would move your vehicle for $15 a couple of years ago from the put-in at Tustemena Lake, and move your car during your float down to Cohoe Cove. Try this number, 907-262-3270, for that service. The price has probably gone up, but it saves on two vehicles, so it's well worth more.

      The float itself is nice and calm, in the beginning, then picks up. I would rate it as less challenging than the Kenai in the spring, but once the water flow in the river rises on a hot summer, the couple of sections of rapids above the highway will keep you paddling for a bit for big roller adjustments. It's a great float. If you can find a way to catch fish in the high glacial silt, it's very scenic and peacefull above the Sterling Highway bridge.

      Have a good float.


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