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Anyone been down the Klutina lately?

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  • Anyone been down the Klutina lately?

    I haven't ventured up there this year, just curious as to whether you can get back to the lake or if the road is still blown out. Also, what is the fee on the road? (I've heard that this is actually a state-owned easement and you are not required to pay a fee in order to travel it, but could be rumorville). How was the fishing?

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    Last I heard the road was not fixed. There is a 10 acre BLM easement at mile 22. The road itself is public but the land on eitherside is owned by Ahtna Corp. There are several good camping spots before mile 22 so if you're not going all the way to mile 22 you have to pay to camp. There is a self-pay envelope station just past the Copper Princess hotel.

    The river itself is a nice trip. There are some rapids but the biggest hazard is wood. Lots of log jams in the middle section and sweepers here and there along the whole run.

    The fishing is good and the reds run quite big
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      Thanks - I think I'll check it out. I've heard that you can brave the road.


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        Sounds like the road is in better shape now. DOT has the first two bypasses aroung the main slide areas done. A few people were running the road earlier though. This winter there was one spot right before the airstrip where the river was halfway thru the road. I don't know how that faired this summer. Have fun!


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