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  • Copper Center to Chitina

    Looking for anyone who has floated from Copper Center down to Chitina on the Copper River. I will be floating this for a Bison hunt in the Fall.

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    I floated the Copper river in 2005

    QUOTE=Rambow]Looking for anyone who has floated from Copper Center down to Chitina on the Copper River. I will be floating this for a Bison hunt in the Fall.[/QUOTE]

    We floated the Copper River last year from Slana (off the Nebesena road) all the way to Flag point (the take out for Cordova) We were a group of 9 rafters and 3 rafts, 14 sotar, 14' Alaska Series Kenai Drifter and a 15'5" Aire. The entire trip took 10 days of pouring rain. If I were to do it again I would have taken 15 days and enjoyed the camping a bit more. I would have also ordered better weather. The section of river from Copper Center to Chitna has a pretty good flow. Campsites are easy to find and if you know how to row and ferry a raft, canoe or what ever your craft any river hazards are easy to avoid. Fresh water is hard to find so bring plenty. We were able to catch 10+ gallons a night off our rain tarps. Digging perk holes also works for collecting drinking water in silted rivers.

    Good boating

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      Great info thanks. I will have extra water and a water purifier. Did you see any Buffalo by the river? Is there someone you would recomend to rent from and how lond did it take you to float that portion of the river?



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        bison float

        i floated that same hunt last october. put in at copper center and take out at chitna airport. beautiful section of water. i flew over the river the day before we put in and saw 5 bison, marked them with a gps from the air, but returned 2 days later to find the bison gone. as you probably know, you can't hunt beyond the river banks, so it's a challange. we made a mistake and expected to spend several final days at chetaslina river, but got there only to find several other parties crowded in. unfortunately the hunting downstream from there deteriorates and we couldn't float back upstream so we ended our hunt. i'd recommend doing the majority of your hunt further upstream where you can find good sign and wait for the bison to eventually show. it's a hunt for the lucky, but it's a great time just the same.


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          Good deal thanks. Did you go in early Sept? Also how long does it take to float from Copper Center to Chitina?



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            You can float from Copper Center to the Chitina airport in a long day or an easy over night. We put in on the Klutina and spent an easy day on the river (4 hours), camped on a gravel bar and then floated into Chitina the next morning. There are few river hazards and most bigger waves are easily avoided. We found lots of sign but no animals. We were not hunting but would have liked to have seen some Bison.

            Bring a bucket to fill full of water at night and the silt will settle to the bottom. Then you can filter it with out clogging your filter. I have also used a plastic grocery bag in past.


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              How did you do on your hunt? We still have our tag to fill. I has hoping to get it done sooner but ran into some heavy blows both times we went, thinking of using snow machines.


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                We did awesome on our hunt. We ended up hooking up with someone who had an airboat. Long story but we got a Moose and 2 Bison in one long day 5 guys.
                What I have learned is this hunt is almost impossible floating. Your chances of success are pretty limited. It would be like finding a needle in a haystack unless you purchased the right to hunt on native land for 1500.00 or whatever they are charging. It wasn't until the second trip down there that we found a group of about 20 on a Island in the river. Floating the river would have been easy though. It's pretty shallow and not difficult to navigate at all. Good luck with snow machines. Be careful though I have been told that it can get thin in some places. I would recommend a flyover the day before unless you have permission to hunt on native land.


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