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Shipping a raft from Alaska?

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  • Shipping a raft from Alaska?

    Hello all.

    I am trying to ship my Dad's raft down to central Washington and was wondering if anyone has any tip/tricks to make this happen.

    I had called AK raft and kayak and the first person I spoke with said that for ~$150 they would help arrange this however they have since back-tracked and told my dad that this is not something they help with.

    If anyone has any thoughts I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to avoid going through the AK air "known shipper" registry to save a few bucks and hassle on the old man.



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    What is the raft size, weight and brand. It would help.

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      It is a 15' sotar round boat. The boat itself weighs just about 100 lbs and it is coming with all the accouterments, frame, oars, cooler etc. I anticipate it would need 2 pallets based on my prior shipping experiences. total weight of all the gear is probably between 250 and 350 pounds


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        Best option is likely going to be Lynden Transport, or one of their competitors.
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          Just an update for anyone else who finds this thread.

          Brian at Alaska Raft Connection can help ship boats for a fee. I just spoke with him and couldn't have been more impressed with his attention to detail and service. Takes the headache out of researching all the different shipping and packaging options. Highly recommend both him and his shop.


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