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    I just picked up River Ops - The Cub. Same dimensions as the PR-49. Includes the Floor Insert, Rope, Seat and Cargo net. Rated at 1,100# capacity, Only 23#!
    Made in Russia.
    Price? much much cheaper than PR-49.
    Durability? To be tested this Fall.

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    A few more pics.


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      I cannot find anything on them. Where did you find it?


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        I looked for the company and the link went to a junk site. Their facebook page seems to be down too. May not be a reliable company. If you're in the market for a really lightweight boat that's nearly indestructable, you might check out the AIRE BakRaft. The outer shell is made of Vectron, which is very light and strong, and the inner bladder is urethane. If you have a puncture in the field, you unzip the shell, and apply urethane tape to the puncture. No glue or patches in the field. The boat is around 10' long and weighs 10.5 lbs.

        HERE'S A LINK

        Click image for larger version

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          I found it advertised in Canada, said an Outfitter was selling them. I think it was a one-off.


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            Alpacka Forager. You get what you pay for. While Im not a US citizen, I will always try to buy stuff thats been made in Canada or the US. Im guilty of owning a made in China Levitator, but at the least I know its a company run by a Northerner. Sorry, not trying to rant.
            Fighting gravity is never cheap.


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              WOW! I'll have to reach out and thank them for making an exact copy of my PR49. They lose points for integrity and originality, IMO.

              Who is your point of purchase contact?


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                PM you, thanks.


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