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9' Pontoon price

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  • 9' Pontoon price

    Does anyone know what a 9' Trout Trap 1 man pontoon boat is worth? Only used one time?

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    One man on the Kenai

    Has anyone used a one man pontoon on the kenai from the ferry to Jim?


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      Kenai river & cat

      Yes lots of people use the one man cats to float the upper Kenai. they do great. I had a couple in my rental fleet a few years back and they made several trips down the upper river. I no longer have these for rent, as the ones I had were cheap quality and fell apart in one season. I may get a couple of good quality ones in the future. I have a few people call wanting to rent these still. You will do fine if you have good basic rowing skills. The Kenai does have sweepers and strainers that have caused more than a few problems for novice rafters, but common sense in watching all the time where you are at and what hazzards are ahead will relieve most all the problems many have had. There are a couple of places where the water gets a little fast, and the spot just after you go under the hwy bridge has that nice little set of rollers that can get you wet, just stay to the far right, (inside) when you make that sharp right hand turn a few hundred yards below the bridge and the rest is a piece of cake..
      have fun ..
      When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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        I am looking to buy a used 1 man pontoon boat. A friend just purchased a new one from the Sportsman Warehouse in Anchorage for a little over $400. I have the anchor pulleys and a small transom. I don't require that much, if anyone has one for sale a decent price, please let me know....
        Thanks BUZ


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