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Talkeetna River Canyon at Low Water

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  • Talkeetna River Canyon at Low Water

    Does anyone have experience with the Talkeetna River Canyon at low water? I have a trip planned for this weekend and it's sitting around 4,000 CFS which is pretty low according to the information I've been able to dig up. We're looking for that classic whitewater this trip is known for and concerned that might be lacking at this low of a level. Running a few 14’ SB round boats. Any thoughts or experience is most appreciated. We have the luxury of being able to reschedule and not interested in forcing it. Also curious if low water would be an issue floating down from the yellow jacket strip.

    Thank you!

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    You could try calling Nova (907)745-5753 and ask for Chuck. If you can get ahold of him he might give you some useful beta.


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      much easier at 4000 than 12000, but Entrance Exam will punch you in the face right out of the gate, so start and stay ready for reaction times.

      instead of 12 foot holes and 10-ft folding waves you'll probably see some 6-10 footers in holes with 6-ft standing waves, but hydraulics aren't as fierce and boiling.

      Probably still want to drop a deuce before you start.


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