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    Ok guys.

    I have only done this once but its time to pull the plug on the Gulkana River until we get some water. I just picked up 2 groups with the same report...Had to walk the raft , a lot!

    I picked up a group who finished the upper section and the first 5-6 miles were really bad with very little water until they hit the middle fork and no where near enough to run the canyon. The other group were fishing for the last of the kings from Sourdough to the bridge, same report and he was in a Cat! Fishing was great for the first 5-6 miles but the flow is Piss to Poor flow boys!

    Pulled up the flow data and the Gulkana is flowing under 800 and 1600 is closer to normal. If we get some rain and we see the river gain some flow we will rent rafts but right now its lights out!

    We are still working on the Little Nelchina to Tazlina, Upper Copper and the Delta Rivers as they all are looking fine. Give me a call if you have any questions but I can put clients on a river that is that skinny! Tough on equipment and tough on rafters!


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    Any improvement in the water levels since the recent rain Walt?


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      The latest:
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        Originally posted by Birdstrike View Post
        Thanks buddy, it looks like it's almost back to normal. Walt, any recent reports?


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          Super LOW guys!


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