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Chulitna dangerous at very high water?

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  • Chulitna dangerous at very high water?

    I am planning a Chulitna trip at the end of July. I have done the river many times at various water levels. I keep hearing from people that it is dangerous at very high water, and that river guides are cancelling trips. It seems like the only effect of high water is more logjams in the braids, and water going into the trees on the bank in certain spots. I have witnessed those issues but haven't had trouble with them to date. Are there other problems I should worry about if this hot weather continues (besides the East Fork being a dry riverbed)?

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    I don't have the answer, unfortunately I'm looking for the same information for a trip in early August. I'm also looking for a general trip report if you do indeed make it out there in late July! I've packrafted it to Byers Lake but we'll be using a cataraft, etc. this time and am curious about the East Fork section.


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