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  • BMR web Site and way forward

    First off thank you to everyone who PM'd me or called about the Malware on our web site it is being worked with the host of the site. The only issue right now is Goggle chrome with a Macfee software package all others are showing nothing so it should be resolved today.

    2nd so you know I had announced I was selling out and closing BMR as a business. I had a friend contact me the other day and seems to wish to keep it running so more than likely he will be taking it over and expanding the operation. I have agreed if in fact he wants it I would stay on for a year and help him get up to speed.

    That being said he has some great ideas and the energy to do it so why note all in. I have agreed in principle to maintain what we do at BMR until he makes his final choice about the business.

    All things being equal I disconnected the business line which was 907-458-7758 i.e. listed in the phone book. If in fact you wish to discuss anything that we do you will have to contact our business cell at 907-460-7758.

    Have a great day!

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