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  • Creative ways to stay dry

    I tried to freeze my family the last week of August. It was class 1 the whole way, so I strapped the dry bags to the tubes and tented a tarp over the back. Anyone else have inventive ways to stay dry?
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    I did almost the same a few years ago on an arctic river. There was freezing fog blowing upriver that evening and everyone was cold. My wife and boys hunkered down under the ever-useful blue tarp in the bow while we tried to make it all the way to the takeout. I like the added headroom gained by strapping the dry bags on the tubes. :topjob:

    That night we floated by a small island with about a dozen muskox on it that weren't happy we had disturbed them. It turned into one of the most memorable moments on that river.


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      I make body bags out of Tyvek house rap it very durable repels water like blue tarp and is breathable.
      On a boat you probably want to have a blanket instead of a body bag or poncho for safety reason. Because it breathable it folds down to a small package.


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