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Sport boat use around Fairbanks?

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  • Sport boat use around Fairbanks?

    Not sure if this belongs under power boats or rafts! Mods - feel free to move if I guessed wrong!

    I'm new to the interior - anybody have some recommendations on fishing spots that an inflatable with a shortshaft prop will take you? Naturally lakes (Quartz, Birch, etc) but what about flowing water for grayling salmon etc? Delta Clearwater? Salcha? Gulkana? I guess guys take them to Chitina and dipnet?

    How doable are these places?

    Any good places to float down but an outboard will go fine and be handy to have?

    I guess you could cruise around valdez or PWS on a nice day too.

    Looking forward to getting out and about - thanks for the input.

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    They the Chatanika in August for killer pike fishing, I use to run that in my 16 foot riverboat but my old hunting partner use to do it with his 17 foot Grumman Sport boat with a motor lift. Most of the river is plenty deep enough to run a prop but there a few shallow spots. I would head down to Goldstream Creek and go up there into Minto Flats, the creek is on the left about 45 minutes or so from the launch. You can also go up the Chena, across the Tanana over to Salchaket Slough and you can also run the Goodpaster if you can find your way there from the Tanana down near Delta Junction.


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      Good to know, thanks. Hopefully I can explore those sometime this summer.

      My boat is about 13' overall length and I don't have a motor lift - might be a good thing to look into, but I'm leery of the transom being sturdy enough to take the added weight, both from the lift and from the torque added by simply repositioning the outboard further aft (longer moment arm = more force)

      I'm going to have to figure out the various boat launches within driving range, although I don't necessarily need an improved launch.


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