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    Hey Guys,
    my buddy and I are planning on floating Birch creek with inflatable kayaks, at the end on August, putting in on the Steese and then taking out when Birch Creek meets up with the Steese again. I am just trying to get some river condition update. If you have floated Birch Creek recently or if you have floated it at the end of August before. how was it? water level? sweepers? rapids? camping spots? wildlife?

    Thanks for the help, this forum is so helpful.

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    Did it last year in three rafts in early July. The water was very low and dropping the whole time. The river gets bigger as it picks up side streams but it was still shallow all the way down. First two days it seemed like we drug boats as much as we floated. The trip lasted a week and we continued to pull boats in shallows every day but not as much as at the first. Like most of Alaska, they usually they get some rain in late July and August. So who knows, the water may even be dangerously high when you go.

    Three days into our trip a boy scout group in canoes passed us up like we were idiots. They started two days after and finished the day before us. They managed to drag very little. However several of them did flip boats in a couple rapids. So I deem than there might be some justice left in the world today. IKs or pack rafts would be my first choice for Birch Creek.

    Have fun. It's a gorgeous trip with great camping. And if the water and weather cooperate at all you should have a blast.


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      There is more than enough water currently in all of the Rivers around Fairbanks!!!!!!! MORE THAN ENOUGH! Common things you should see on the river between the rain drops Bou, Moose and potentially bear both Griz and Black. You will also have our true August / Sept friend the White Sock visiting you! Have not been up there recently but just the amount of water we have in the Chena and Chat says it all.


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